Sunday, May 30, 2010

Whine whine whine yadda

Ohai. Sorry I have not been updating a lot lately. Part of the reason I am addicted to Twitter. But then again I am working, so by the time I'm back I spend my time watching ANTM :P And then I sleep really early. Like 12 midnight early!! HOW CAN then I wakeup at 9 for work. :P Then I travel for god knows how long to come back, and wash my smelly feet HAHA

SEEEEE life damn mundane right, then it's payday again. :) T_T I hope when I go back to work after my holidays I'll get pay raise T_T Cause then I'm sort of "experienced". but then again, my boss is AZN! How generous can they be! Put more food say I put too much then slightly less then say too little wtf. -_-

I wanna get a higher paying job. T_T I feel so, underpaid now T_T I heard someone working in a charity organisation and getting paid 18 per hour (normal rate for Aussie). Do I look THAT Asian no one wanna hire me T_T Should try target/kmart/DESPERATE. haha

SERIOUS LOR!!! If I'm getting paid what I'm suppose to be paid, ie 15 and above. I can buy SO MANY THINGS!! I do not even need support from the family lor (just kidding haha)

ANYWAY~~ For instant updates, follow me on my TWITTER!! I wanna have more followers so I look cool haha =p

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juwitajalil said...

Yea try places like Kmart and all. I've worked with Myers. The pay was awesome and I was just doing casual. I got AUD19 plus. Even Nando's pay about AUD16-18. Good luck babe!