Thursday, September 02, 2010

With this open wound

Sorry I just cut my finger while opening the aluminium seal trying to binge on cheese and chive dip with water crackers with cracked pepper (absolute sin).

And i realised I got the wrong cracker to have it with my mango and melon brie cheese. fuck mannnnn what diet. T_T i'm slowly turning into a mouse. -_-

some random pictures that I've stolen off my facebook cause I didn't have a camera. MEH!!! I havent slept for 40 hours prior to departing Melbourne cause I was spending my night with YJ, before she leaves to Korea. =((( It's all good now I just have to adapt to days without a coffee companion and someone who shares almost everything with me. sigh.

this is how you look with no sleep wtf!! and a lot of shoestring friessss :P

because I look almost thin here :P Jing say she didn't PS me (maybe just to make me feel better hurhur)

me figuring out how to use an iPhone fml my phone is from the dark ages T_T And I'm planning to get a Blackberry just to look cool but how? Where? I can't sign phone plan cause my Visa expires next year T_T

and I love my top albeit being sheer as hell and the back is so exposed! I had to wear a sports bra cause my sports bra has cut outs HAHAA!!!

and from far my sunnies looks like the Alexander Wang and Linda Farrow ones no???? :P:P Cause the reflection of the sun made it look like it has some metal edges but its actually just.... Forever 21 haha!!!

To the anonymous commenter, thank you so much for ur words but I just disagree on the materialistic part. Maybe you all will never understand, I don't know how to put it in words. Maybe you're very right, I've changed since I came here, and not sure if it's making me happier, or the other way round obviously. Life changes, everything changes, we need to be dynamic enough to adapt. Maybe I've just chosen the rose with thorns, the road that is more winding and long. There's always a choice no?

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