Friday, November 26, 2010

Walking, Stumbling

Packing is a bitch, Yet another time to pack my 2 years into boxes, and move to places to places. How hard can that be?? You're wrong if you're thinking that.

I need to pack some 30 pairs of shoes into boxes (*heartache*). Oh my pretty shoesies into boxes. And prolly get them ship home. The books OH the books, fucking heavy books. How am I ever going to bring back those books? Some to dispose, some to giveaway some to sell. So many things to do but yet I seem to be doing nothing. Nothing is certain nothing is confirmed. So many uncertainties. Is that why I've been having weird dreams of nothings but signs telling me of the uncertainties that I'm facing. For every weird dream that seemed so real, i search it online and it tells me that this dream is caused by real life events, and that I'm always insecure about uncertainties (who isn't).

Then there were doubts, about things, people, doubts about things people do. Sincerity, what else, attitude. I can no longer judge the good or the bad. All I can do now is take small baby steps.

生命太多疑问,只为有见步行步. 生命中无数的问号, 也不能够在短暂的时间里解决, 船到桥头自然直。或许所发生的都在上天 的掌握之内,成长的过程并不是所见得的容易。



Anonymous said...



small thing anon

sharon said...

Whoa you're typing in chinese! And, homg - 30 pairs of shoes!

长大 is not difficult but the process of it, is. I'm also very insecure about (almost) everything in life. It really affects me in my decision-making, and bearing responsibilities. 有时候自己想要的,都不敢争取 T_T Then again, 船到桥头自然直! 加油!! :)

mustardqueen said...

anon: 我会尽力去尝试,直到成功为止。光影不等人,只好把握时间啦!谢谢!

Sharon: YES I speaketh chinese :D and right I know it is difficult but I'm just afraid to face the fact that we all are indeed growing up each day. =( Responsibilities and what not. Seem so hard. =(