Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World in my hands

I'm watching Misfits!!! It's insanely addictive eventhough I've only watched 3 episodes (1 being the latest episode wtf) and it's about this group of teenagers was caught in a strange storm and there are others who was involved and were given powers to become what they want to be (that is from what I analyse from watching few episodes la, ie shapeshifter, turn younger, invisibility, immortality etc) and it's uber cool. Some scenes were horribly graphic, think blood, slaughter, and very sexual (not that am complaining heh!) and it's good!!! Gonna catch up on more episodes =P

And Melbourne weather and this show got me thinking, am I granted with special powers!??

Last year this time (though I was already back in KL) it was hot, like HOT scorching hot. My skin was burning when I step out of the building. let alone with no aircon or a cooler. And now? Winter conditions, heard that the last time it rained during November (draught, summer what not) was 40 years ago. It's prolly god love me too much for being so special *cough* or that the world is coming to an end. =/ From my analysis, I think sooner or later, Australia's winter will be on par with other continents' seasons. Or maybe Australia thinks that it is about time they catch up with the wardrobes that the rest of the world are trending though haha (omg I just realise how bimbotic that sounded) but yeah. Kinda true no?

Not that I'm complaining cause when Melbourne is hot, it sizzles. You can practically fry an egg on the top of your car! :S But just don't rain too much and ruin my days would ya?? I still need to plan a birthday, and probably pack my shit to move. Oh...

I think I'll be having 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, 2 hand carries, about 5 - 6 boxes of me own stuff. =/ But I think a few will be shipped off via parents/courier, not too sure yet! But as far as I know that I've donated 1 china lv bag worth of stuff and oh boy... I think I should just send that box full of heels back seeing that I'm not wearing heels all the time. And I just bought 2 pairs of shoes la la la~~~ I think my shoe fetish has gone too far... =(

Deprivation + Obsession = Empty wallet.

deprivation being me, having big feet and unable to find shoes my size, resulting in a desperate me buying whatever shoe that I fancy and has my size! obsession being the inside of me that wants more pretty shoes! Empty wallet is when I cannot resist and succumb to temptations. =( Oh lordy....

And probably one of the evidence that world might be coming to an end??

Sky was roaring red that day on the way back from Wilson's Prom!!! SUNSET!!! :D The sky was dyed in hues of pinks and reds, and a tine of blue at the edge. Ahhhh wonders of Australia.


sharon said...

Earthquakes everywhere, hailstorm in Melb that day?... What else.. >> Korean war! hahaha... yes if the world ends also I dont find it surprising T_T sad but true.

The sky is 美到半死!

not drabby said...

omg cantiknya!