Friday, January 07, 2011


Just one last picture of me before my hair fades to ugly shade of brown/shit and before I fly off for a week long vacation in Hong Kong followed by Taiwan. Land of cheap beauty stuff and H&M Zara Monki Sasa Watsons YEAY!!! :D

Right now I'm experiencing the eyebrow conflict. I'm committing the biggest faux pas of all faux pas, which is having mismatch brows.

My mom suggests "Why not you ask Wen to borrow you her red lipstick and colour your brows?" hahahahahahahah

This is the suffering of not willing to have 2 red catterpillars of red dye planted on my brows in the saloon 3 days ago.

First hairwash, not as bloody as I thought it'd be. It was just, ok. But I'm afraid the next few washes, my hair will turn deng deng, orange fml.

And for haters can't you see I'm channeling my inner ah lian, my hair is RAD ok.


Xen Lee ♥ said...

Your bangs cover your brows so its ok! :D what a coincidence im heading to taiwan too! but in Feb! will you please share what you ate/where you shopped so I know what else to put on my list. The last time i went I actually went to Sasa AND Watsons every frickin day -_-"

Anonymous said...

For the record, i think your hair look AH-MA-ZING!!

- Juju

mustardqueen said...

xen: GOOD ON YOU but just pay one visit to watsons will do!! haha you heading to HK too? Sasa is like in every corner of every single street wtf. I was in Taipei so I went to Xi Men Ding (just take MTR to Xi Men station) and walk around, but they only open at like 11 or so till 10.30pm.

then go Wu Fen Pu (take MTR to Hou Shan Pi station along Nan Gang line or take the Railway to Songshan station) for shopping.

taipei 101 for highend shops
I went to this flora expo that goes on till march I think, its frigging huge there so jst pay a visit la its a touristy thing to do lol

other than that nothing mch to do there if u want more detailed info u can drop me an email or something hehe

juju: haha thank u!!! but my hair colour fading T_T

Anonymous said...

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