Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm just gonna sit there and be a lady.

I fucking want this. like OMG it's the perfect bimbo shade of pink with the perfect stitchings, and the perfect size (but cannot fit my camera cause the opening is SO SMALL that if you are a real LADY you wouldn't mind but I'm a barbarian (roar) so yes, it took me about 1 minute to try to figure out how to put my hands in it and take it out (cause my hands got stuck in it meh). Would you like to fund my PS1 and my Lady Dior now????

So yah, recent purchases. So far... these are the only shit I got since I return (my so called Melbourne withdrawal excuse no longer applicable T_T) excluding groceries wtf
dress from Zara
Shoes from Topshop. They had this double points when you spend above RM300 thing, plus 10% discount + RM25 voucher so it comes up to about 20% off the original price. Last pair in my size and I have been dreaming about these shoes since god knows when so yes I got them. *heart* And I just realise it just goes with any outfit!!!! :D Happy >:)

This one is in the process of being processed cause I'm getting my love to get it for me (but I pay her back) BECAUSE there is so much trouble to go through to get this cause to buy in US you need an US issued card to make a purchase online and blablabla hurricane whirlwind slash drama, I hope they'll be sending it soon!!!! :) Mine's in BLUE! :D

lipstick post ahead. I am too lazy to take pictures hehe. I say ahead but it might not be the next post. huhu


Anonymous said...

Hi there, i love love love love the bag! May i ask where issit from? :)))

La Petite Cherie said...

Looks gorgeous!! I went to KLCC and saw the patent Dior in bubblegum pink!! My ultimate dream bag now :) And the coral Zara dress looks so cute and classy :)