Monday, March 28, 2011


I wish I can italicize the title to emphasize the smoothness haha

ANYWAY I have been trying different recipes of smoothie just so I can make full use of my blender! (it's awesome did I tell you??) You just chuck things in and turn the thing on and it freaking blends, technology. I have no idea WHY I haven't gotten one years ago. HEH

Please take note that I'm using Valencia oranges, apparently it's best for making orange juice but the pulp tasted horrible, it's bitter.

Recipe #1
Banana Carrot Orange Honey Muesli Shake
Pretty much sums up whatever I have in it.

1 carrot
2 oranges
2 bananas (medium ones the one we have in KL is pathetic or if your in Aus, 1 large banana will do)
2 tbs Honey to taste
1/4 cups of mix muesli or oats

Chuck in and blend. This, tasted quite awesome, just that it's like baby food, but you have to chew wtf.

Recipe #2
Orange Mango smoothie

3 oranges
1/2 cup mango yogurt (I'm using the small pack of Yoplait mango, taste fantastic)

Need I say more? Taste like mango pudding (minus the bitter pulp blergh). Yum.

Recipe #3
Banana Strawberry Shake

3 medium bananas
1/2 cup strawberry yogurt (Yoplait Strawberry yogurt!)
1 cup milk

yum. I love strawberry banana shake!!! Would have been better if there were fresh strawberries

Recipe #4
Orange Mango smoothie

2 oranges
1/2 mango
1 tbs honey

this one was major thick. But I can feel the awesome fibers in my drink, so thick it's like eating a mango

Yeap these are the recipes I've tried!! All recipes are enough to serve 2 major cups :D (for me and manny). I still can't get the consistencies right but feck that it taste awesome to me so YES. :D Have this as breakfast everyday and erm, well I don't see any weight loss but I feel good cause I love drinking smoothie and I don't have to pay for overpriced Boost juice :D

Seriously all you need is a fridge load of fruits, yogurt, milk and a blender. :D I'm gonna stock up on Berries next :D Antioxidants anyone?? :D

And here are some pictures of some really unhealthy but yummy desserts. I love contradictions :)


And here's a picture of a gorgeous woman to make your Monday more blue.



siaolee said...

i love love love my blender too.. last sunday i made brunch for my father's birthday and i used my blender for every single dish, from the pear mocktail to broccoli soup to mushroom sauce... love it! team the blender with oven and steamer i can create almost anything!

La Petite Cherie said...

Oh Lord, the Dolce Deco trifle looks sinfully delicious!!