Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was happily browsing Stylecaster and was reading on this article about bowl cuts. And yes, the model had to be Sasha Pivovarova and she looks fucking amazing sporting a bowl cut and her gorgeous blue eyes and a white suit. WHOAAAAAAA

And I paid a visit to Yen to touch up my horrendous roots and my brown orange shit coloured hair. hehe

Say hi to mutation!

YEAY to red hair. I secretly love red hair cause it's... shiny haha

I look very... 'tut' with the overly short straight bangs. But I'll get used to it and like it even more when it grows longer :D I've always thought to myself to get bangs when I visit Yen again. And I've heard a few of you asked her for bright RED hair :D

Yah yah screw all your negative comments. I find that negative comments are often unnecessary cause you put in so much effort to hurt someone's feelings for which you failed to do so but you did bring yourself to my attention. To hate you more. And bringing so much negativity to people and also to your life. heh. And you know what they always say!! You need positivity in your life to succeed!! Sucks to be you loser, you're gonna fail in whatever you do. =D


Petite Cherie said...

I really loove your current hair colour!! Suits you very very well :))))

elaineC said...

love this fire red!

Hui Ting said...

petitecherie: Thank you!! :) i'm still getting used to it after my previous dye job faded lol

elaine: HAHA like Rihanna :P love it too