Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Decisions shape your life

On sunday night I did one of the "bravest" thing I ever imagined or dreamt of doing. I submitted an application and if guan yin ma forbids and I don't get it, at least I tried. :) If I got it, I'll tell it here. :)

Somehow I feel that this year, is meant for me to make changes, be it for myself or to make myself a better person or to do things for people that could change their lives, as much as I'm not getting paid to do it, it's part of my generosity (Wahhh like damn mulia liddat wtf) but it is true. Yalah often times I feel super exploited but when you're doing things that you actually love or for people you love, I mean why not? And I know a lot of you must be thinking walau spoilt bitch get a job already always use father's money blablabla, YES I am still living with my parents, not financially independent, but I did not ask a single cent from my parents (well except for occasional grocery bills in the cc bill *shifty eyes* and I'd like to make a change that, there should be MINIMAL expenses, be it for shopping or frivolous shit, unless I pay for it myself!! I must be a fool to think that, wow I've got this this this in my wardrobe but after all, I didn't pay for it. =/ Why is it that they are always right when they say if you're doing what you enjoy/love, you won't get paid well ar?? I mean I'm not even get paid for doing anything *sucks to be me wtf* but I really love what I'm doing right now? haha

I have been back in KL for more than a month and as much as I have missed Melbourne (a lot), I am getting used to, or more like I'm used to being home. Melbourne was part of what have shaped me, and the memories will just remain (i'm keeping my old passport though the photo was horrendous but that was once ME, part of me, my past). Those stamps of places that I've left my foot prints (be it carbon foot print or metaphorically) things like that are something you'll never be able to buy. :)

As much as the racial harmony matter in Malaysia doesn't rest, people don't have common courtesy to open the door for you or provide you with better customer service, but this is what shapes Malaysia. Home is still home. Home is somewhere you accept everything. Maybe a little acceptance is all we need? 1 Malaysia may seem to be something easy yet hard to achieve, some people just need to chill the fuck out.

was on my way back from KLCC and saw this amazing view of KL. Some times moments like this made it all worthwhile.

And the cutest bowl of Shin Ramen I had at Kim Gary!!! hahaha Can you see it's the crazy emoticon face? :P

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