Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paris with Love

If you walk enough along the streets of Seoul, you'll prolly see lots and lots of this bakery shop name Paris Baguette.

I have no idea what that was till Wen told me that it's this major bakery chain that sells pretty decent baked goods, and well a cafe!! Coffee for one please!!

Here's a picture of the Gangnam branch, where I sat and had a cuppa latte while waiting to join the rest for dinner. I think there were 2 stories and just a lot of yummy baked croissants and macarons and cakes :D

Love coffee art!!! Anyone knows where else in Seoul they serve coffees with cute animal art on coffee?? I have been dying to visit one and drink coffee till I die just so I can see different kinds of animals on my coffee =D Bunny please :D:D:D

Owh and that specs thingy, it's this shop that sells only spectacles and sunnies and they have some really nice shades and frames. I got a pair of sunnies that resembles Oska's shades from Secret Garden wtf the name of my sunnies is Oska haha (sorry I'm a kdrama fan *fangirlscream*)

Hongik University branch (much smaller but it's sorta a landmark for people to wait for dates, friends families etc)

was waiting for YJ before dinner so head there for some coffee and our first meal of the day wtf. We became some nocturnal freaks we had breakfast at dinner time! I was channeling Park Bom from 2NE1 and surprisingly no one gave me weird stares cause they have even crazier hair colours than I do and they all look fantabulous in them!! T_T I was suppose to have a side ponytail but i think it dropped a little and less high (and less retarded wtf). I AM LOVING MY NEW LIPSTICK :D:D:D:D It's call Peach something (can't read hangeul to save my life FYI) and it's from Tony Moly. :)

Nah this is Park Bom wtf


Kimmy said...

I like your new layout, makes your picture stands out more. :) cause u take pretty awesome pics.

sigh, I wanna visit Seoul..
The last time I went, it was with a tour group, we were up at some mountain most of the time..

Rachelle said...

Oooh the bakery chain, I've seen it featured heavily in 49 Days. XP Which, being a KDrama fan, you should totally check out! :) It's pretty good so far! And Jung Il Woo is a cutie!

Miss V said...

Hi there!
Love all your posts about Seoul C:
I'm so in love with Seoul that I visited there twice in a row last year..summer then winter!
The cafe culture there is superb! I've visited a few myself and there are two in samcheong dong that I heart. One is called Chatteul and the other is called Coffee Factory.
Hope you have more to write about Seoul C:

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: haha thank you!! :) I wanna go back also =(( I went in 2004 with tour group also, all I rmbr was this really nice chicken galbi I had at the mountains, lotte world, dongdaemun and everland WTF You should go since now airasia has flights to get there but not cheap though =/

rachelle: oooh isit a new kdrama :P:P:P GOT ANY HOT GUYS ANOT if not I don't watch wan wtf! :P

missv: lucky u to get to visit twice in a year!!! Bet winter was freezing ass cold yea? OOH didnt manage to visit samcheongdong I heard it's damn nice!!! Will definitely try it if I visit there again :) Thank you!! And yes there will be more posts on Seoul unless I'm out of things to say =)

Rachelle said...

YESH. Jung Il-woo is a cutie pie :D


The other lead guys are not hard on the eyes either. :P

Shuyi said...

First time commenting ! teehee.

I gotta tell you i loveeeee your hair ! Tried red once and it turned copper then orange in one month :(( boo.

and, your posts about korea makes me really wanna go there right now lol.


mustardqueen said...

rachelle: hahahaha a bit too pretty for my liking though!!! But he's more to the Kim Hyun Joong type =PP I shall check the drama out =D My fave is still goong yu, song seung hyun, jo in-sung, oh god it never ends LOLLL

shuyi: Comment more!! :) I love reading comments ahahahaa and my red hair did fade a lot it was bright red and now it's coppery red and slowly will turn to brown =/ it bleeds everytime I wash it -_- And if u got the chance go visit! It's fun :)

pHeN said...

Hi Ting, may I know where did u get ur specs? I am going Seoul soon and feel like get myself a pair of new specs too.

I love ur pictures. U look good ;)