Saturday, April 23, 2011

Past Present Future

I just randomly wrote inspirational quotes in my new organizer. I know there's smart phone whatsoever, but there's something about hand written notes. Be it an extra human touch or that a messy handwriting makes things nicer, it's just different. A not so organized organizer, I'd call it a notebook if I can cause really, what is there to organize right now? Not that I have 20 meetings to attend or 30 clients to liaise with. A notebook, is far more appropriate.


Got this notebook in Korea. Past Present and Future written on the front. When I open it up in the future, my past will be reflected. The present moment that I'm writing in it, reflects my past, which will shape my future. (yeah and there's this super embarrassing thing that the book was sealed so when I tear the seal open there was a 'and You' in the page after -.-)


Get an organizer (or fine, your phone) pass it to your friend, ask them to write something inspiring, or something motivating, or just something that will put a smile on your face, be it a memory that you both share or just a smiley face. It'll make a difference. :)


ButterflyAngel said...

Sounds like when we used to pass around our autograph books. =P

Lauranne said...

LOVE your new blog layout! minimalistic, pretty and in my humble opinion represents your blog posts better =) wheeeee

mustardqueen said...

butterflyangel: LOLLLLLLLLL we didn't even do that when we were in secondary school =p Can can I let u write something in it LOL

lauranne: XIE XIE!!! hahaha I love it too... I thought the previous one was too... gaudy and erm ugly wtf I dunno who possessed me into making that HAAHHAHAHA =)