Saturday, April 30, 2011

Naked Tea Leaf

It was wen's birthday on the 23rd and off we go to pavilion to grab her present but NOOOOO!!! The Bianca clutch she's been eying for ages was sold out and it was sorta a wasted trip (but I got new lipstick so I'm cool with that haha)


Cheesecake for the broken souls (was supposed to be her birthday cake but I ate it all wtf). Did I mention I have a super soft spot for cheesecakes?? Oreo, chocolate, caramel, lemon, marble, any kinds of cheesecake will make me smile (just that my weighing scale will hate me).

I set an alarm at 8am to head to Tesco to grab some ingredients to actually bake a cheesecake for Wen but I accidentally hit Stop instead of Snooze. >.> Why did they invent the Snooze button anyway?

Just to show you this top I got from Korea that I reallllly love. It's like, I dunno I feel like a princess when I'm wearing it :P (yalah cannot marry the royal family then at least I "dress" like one wtf)

top: korea; skirt: zara; shoes: tony bianco; bag: chanel

And pretty swings for Daisy by Marc Jacobs at pavilion. pretty =D

Sorry I look almost naked with the naked palette thing going on hahahahaha

ps: I hate how flabby my arms are and how broad my shoulders are that... I had to liquify half of myself wtf -_- story of my life

pps: good news to myself, I finally surpass the plateau! I lost another 1kg =) *pats back*


Finzean said...

you lose weight & nice outfits =)

Shu yi said...

You look really lovely ! Love the outfit :) Haih so jealous you pulled off the hot pink lips really well ! I went to try it on @ MAC the other day and i look like shyte lol.

Anyway, i think you look really good ! those legs are sexy legs ok, don't beat yourself up too hard on the whole diet thing ! :)

mustardqueen said...

finzean: Thank u! :)

shuyi: hahahahaha actually with the right makeup I think everyone of any skin colour can pull it off ok, just that you cannot laugh damn hard cause then if u show ur gums then not nice wtf tested and proven lol and thank you! Not working too hard on myself, but then again if you don't work hard enough you'll be damned!!!

shu yi said...

haha ! yeah, perhaps. might go try again one day when i have better make up on ( hrmph, refused to give up on pink lips ) heh.

Well that's true. but hey, nothing wrong with one cheese cake when you feel like it :) you can do this diet thing ! x

Tina said...

aiyerrr...i love ur whole ensemble, esp the top :D beeeeeautiful!!!

it's noticeable that you've lost weight too :D congrats!!!

u know, ur broad shouder going to be one of your best assets once you've toned your arms (fyi, they are not that flabby in pictures :D).

mustardqueen said...

shuyi: hahaha okok, prolly something like, focus more on clean brows and maybe jst mascara and light eyeliner with bright lips :) And ohh boyyyy nothing can take away my cheesecake from my diet =P

tina: Thank you!! I really love the top toooo :))))) And haha thank you, it was only noticeable after a whole lotta hard work and control :) Them arms don't look as flabby cause I photoshopped it but it's gotten toner now =D I'm starting to love my broad shoulders cause, well, i like how it's more boney after I work out, makes me feel sexy wtf