Saturday, May 21, 2011



This is the start of the journey. This is the start of a whole new beginning. This is the start of my life, and it will only flourish into bigger things, better beginnings. :) Bring on the challenges, I can't wait till Monday.

Even if I didn't make it, at least I tried. Failing is the only proof that you're trying.

Details later... Quite dramatic ;)

ps: to those twitter followers, the phone call I was so excited about was the call for auditions! Can you imagine how happy I was? :D Still quite unreal though after all the whirlwind that has happened this afternoon, and now my tummy feels like death after a lot of ab and legs workout.

Strive, HARDER.


eleng said...

OMG. this uber cool ! all the best babe! <3 you can do it! ;)

Thistle Trinkets said...

Congrats !!! And I got to say I am
not surprise with u joining master chef... From
all your blog entry can really see that u enjoy cooking an food!!!

Best of luck on ur journey!!!

Kimmy said...

wee! Congrats mustardqueen!!

I hope they have an online version like the Australia one! All the best!

Rachel said...

uber cool. haha. what did you make???

Amie 구름. said...

omg. ur in master chef ? that's cool. hope u make it into the tv. tee hee. btw, what's ur twitter ? i can follow u there too.

Anonymous said...

Awwww.. congratz!! :) I'm one of your everyday reader he he he and so is your sisters!
Keep it up!I'm sure you can do great!! :)

lotsa loves!! xx

ling said...

hello there! i have been reading your blog for some time now and i have to say that i really admire your courage to make a difference! you inspire me to stay healthy and i can't wait to join the gym :) must be fun to feel good! i wish you all the best on your masterchef journey ;) enjoy and have great fun! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow! You definitely deserve a big clap after seeing all your efforts!
Congratulations! And be an awesome chef! ;)

yy said...

yay congrats! and btw you look amazingly fabulous in that Azorias dress! :)

La Petite Cherie ♡ said...

Omg, I'm so excited for you :D Such an interesting turn of events!! I can't wait!! Good luck hunn ;)

Shu Yi said...

OMG. So so so excited and happy for you ! Goodluck for auditions! and i hope to see you on TV :D x

Anonymous said...


Verene said...

congratz :)

shelbybaby said...

KUDOS!! hope you make it through till the end :)

ShirLey LynN said...


mustardqueen said...

eleng: Thanks!! I never thought I'd do this but I did!!! Thank u again! :)

thistle trinket: did u like expected me to go in after they announce they're having masterchef Malaysia?? haha your psychic ar? :P

kimmy: hope so!! Not sure if Astro has like online episodes though! :) THANK YOU YEA?? :)

rachel: chocolate harumaki with ice cream drizzled with caramel. little did I knw I have to make the ice cream from scratch so they tell me I'll gve you a chance to replace the ice cream with something else on the cook-off, which is tomorrow! GANJIONG

amie: Thank u!!! I think snippets of my audition will be aired on TV *cross fingers* hehe and hope I get to be finalists and WIN hehehehehe just trying my luck :) My twitter acc is mustard_queen see u there!

anon: Thank u!!! :) really appreciate it <3

ling: never try you'll never know!! :))) And all the best for your gym routine thing :) I know you can do this!! :D When you have the determination to make a change, you will make the change ;P

anon: Thank u!!! Not chef yet, more like an amateur but if I can go into the competition I'll be reallllly happy cause I can learn so much more then just learning using online recipes and not knowing the real world situation :)

yy: HAHA THANK U!!! If you like it then buy it when Azorias is launched :)

lapetitecherie: Thank you hun! It came as a shock to me too!!! Everything happened in a blur I'm overwhelmed =D

shuyi: THANK U!! I hope I don't look fat on air! ehehehehe

anon: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

verene: Thank you!! :)

shelby: I wish tooooo!!!!! Pray hard for me kay kay?? ;)

shirley: THANK YOU!!! :D

eleng said...

time to tune in to astro ria! ;D tell me when your episode will be aired okay! ;DDDD

mustardqueen said...

eleng: Don't think will be soon cause there's still the actual competition, and they'll need time to edit etc. :) But will definitely keep an open eye for the airing time :) Thank you!