Sunday, May 22, 2011

Masterchef Auditions! :D

UPDATE: Gonna head to KDU for the 2nd round of auditions!! :) WISH ME LUCK AND ALL THE BEST I NEED THEM ALLL!!!!! :D Cross your fingers toes bones and heart. :) Love ya'll! :D

About 6 hours before I have to wakeup on Saturday morning, I had this epiphany again so I decided to change my dish. Instead of the initial sweet one I was gonna make, I decided to go with this recipe that I once tried at this restaurant with my family. So I set my alarm at 8a.m to hit Tesco to get some fresh ingredients to prepare.

Scheduled time for auditions: 2pm.

By the time I got home it was 10am, with a bag load of ingredients. I was trying to make this garlic mayo prawn on prawn cracker. So I laid out the crackers to dehydrate under the sun for a while, and while preparing for the side, I heard the engine started. SHIT, my mom is leaving the house. I left my crackers on the back of her car to suntan. -_- I quickly ran out to save my tanning crackers.


I did had some of the ingredients prepared beforehand because I thought I was going with the first dish I had in mind. Ice cream, I made the caramel the night before, tastes awesome. But the only thing I was worried about that, by the time I serve my dish, it won't be fresh and crispy anymore. Dilemmas of an amateur cook.

By the time I was done with the savoury dish, it was around 11.30. I got ready, put on makeup and I was like "fuck it, I think I should just go with the sweet dish". I ran down, and started preparing the skin and all and by the time I finished it was around 12.30. Changed.

By the time I got there, there weren't many people in the waiting room to prep, heat and plate up. I prolly waited less than 10 minutes and off I go to prepare my dish. And also to prepare my mind. What if I don't make it, will I cry?? Will I be able to face rejection? What is it going to be like!? Uncertainties liea ahead, every second of it.

I was nervous like I was gonna shit in my panties (red underwear ya'll haha superstitious lol)

And one of the crew members ran to me "IS THAT ICE CREAM?" He asked. I nodded. He frantically prompted another crew and they said I was the first applicant who had needed to use the freezer/chiller. Oh wow that's a first. And yah the crew who helped me with the ice cream was cute *melt* no pun intended wtf wtf

And off I go to the waiting area, fan was spinning like a hurricane, dishes were lined up on the tables, nervous faces, sweaty palms, suspicious looks from other contestants. My dish was half plated cause the ice cream was in the freezer -.- People looked at it and asked what's that, giving that aww ur not gonna get it look cause it was so simple. =/ Some of the comments here. It was weird cause I don't know if the people who were waiting with me made it to the next round.

And then it was almost my turn. The crew came with my ice cream (my heart melted more la wtf) and I topped a little caramel sauce and try to make it look more presentable. Hands shaking, I had this vision that I dropped the plate and that's it. BYE OPPORTUNITY.

Back to reality, the door opened. 5 chairs lined in front of 3 judges consisting 2 local chefs and 1 lady producer. So we were asked to introduce ourselves and how the dish was prepared (whether it's all made from scratch etc) and they told me "your ice cream, must be made from scratch". I panicked.

Funny thing was, when we were all seated down. The lady suddenly turned to the guy seated 2 seats away from me "HEY, weren't you at the KK and JB auditions?" hahahahahahaahahahahahaahahaha

I bet that was his strategy to get into the competition yea? But he didn't make it to the 2nd round cause his sauce tasted odd with the nuts (wasn't too sure about the dish) and the guy sat next to me made steam fish with lime sauce which smelled heavenly.


"Do you think you can find a replacement for your ice cream? Because it is impossible to make ice cream in the cookoff later on, in an hour's time"
I replied "Yes, I will find a replacement"

Wasn't sure what I was going to do with the ice cream problem, I have to come up with something, but then again, there's the 2nd panel to face. THE Interview.

And they said "Yes" to my dish. Happy as ever, after the waiting and waiting and waiting. I was escorted to the other waiting area for the 2nd panel. Interview time!!! And the interview is basically about knowing about yourself, how are you going to face challenges and why do you want this.

Want to know what happened in there? Stay tuned.

Wish me alllllllll the best you can for my 2nd auditions tomorrow noon!!!! Cook-off time and I hope I'll be able to make everything under 1 hour. :)

My official Masterchef photo on their facebook page. :)

dress: Azorias (coming soon!!)
courage: from within and all the support I get from all the people I love and those who love me. :)


Jee said...

all the best to you, ting! your experience sounds awesome, and i think it's amazing enough that you've passed the first round! :) kudos to you!

you can do it!

Anonymous said...

all the best !

Thistle Trinkets said...

Best of luck!!

( btw, I wish I was psychic lol...( previous comments).. Just tot it was apt to u. )

MG said...

A follower of your blog,so excited for you!!! Hope that you can make it,finger crossed! All the best!

mustardqueen said...

jee: Thank you!! I was really shock too :) One of the best things that has ever happened to me since I came back to KL for good :)

anon: Thank you! <3

thistle trinkets: hahahaha thank you!!! Well, apparently a lot of ppl didn't expected it so like, they were shock! haha

mg: Thank you!!! Keep following and keep commenting k!! I need all of your support <3

Anonymous said...

gud luck, luv ur louis vuitton outfit.

shelbybaby said...

yeaaaa!! go mustard queen go!!

Anonymous said...

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