Friday, May 20, 2011

Travelling Pants

You know what I relate to when I see the word Travelling Pants? Sisterhood.

If there is one thing that I cannot live without, family. Through all these years (though my dad busy working and some of us are all over) we've grown so much together, through thick and thin, highs and lows. There is only one place you can turn to, home!

And when my sister told me about some grand plans she was working on with her partners, I have nothing but respect and support for her, till the end. I'd also love to thank her for supporting some of my financials wtf cause I've been helping out a little here and there hehehehehe. And hence the birth of Azorias. You see, ever since I've graduated I don't have a job, but I have dreams. Dreams I'd love to achieve if I can. And seeing someone so close to me to achieve something so major in their lives, is something so respectable and worthy of me to follow their footsteps. *heart* I wish some day I could be like my sister or maybe collaborate or something la, and really work towards my goal!! :D

So please my dear readers, like Azorias' facebook page here, to show some support and love, ALSO to get more peek-a-boo hint hint mini updates on what's you'll be expecting. :) And answer is, you won't be disappointed! ;)

And the worst thing is, so hard to keep secrets from people and wen is so strict with anything that's related to Azorias hahaha So now a huge burden off all our chests (and hopefully I get to burn more fats WTF)

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