Friday, May 20, 2011



I am here to rant again. I really think it's the hormones man. This shit ain't real okay I've been I dunno feeling so crazy lately. I just giggled to myself while playing Bejewelled HA!!


I need to start eating clean. Meaning no sugar (oh the horror) no junk food (already doing it) no fast food (haven't had them for ages except for last night I had some KFC mash potatoes cause I need change for parking -.-) no binging (tskkk) no desserts (means no sweets meh) no carbs (gulp)

Now I need to stock up on egg whites (anyone knows if KL sells packed egg whites in a carton? if not I'll have to throw away all egg yolks which is pretty wasteful) cause it's sucha good source of protein! Lots of chicken and fish (salmon mmm and tuna mmm). Mommy I need to go market please.

See what I mean when I say I hate changes?? I've got 2 huge packs of whatever soybean paste miso thingy for soup and I have only used it ONCE, and now that if I wanna change this whole diet thing, everything has to be going into the bin! =( And my baking cupboard shall be ignored for a bit =(((

And I've read up a lot on this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and all of the people who're doing it said it works (thank you for the lovely email you know who you are *heart*). So basically warm up, then run like mad woman for short interval and slow down then run again for about 9-15 minutes. I saw this guy at the gym doing it, it was MAD intense I was fearing he'll fall off the treadmill, and he was running at 15mph or some crazy speed. So yes... Gonna try that out, and prolly try out yoga since I need a GOOD stretch after all those running and hopping around.

Wokeup feeling pretty happy today. Tummy is slightly flatter (no bloating yeay) even I had them mash potatoes after gym (I need to compensate the energy I used after crazy sessions k).

Things I need to work on:

- improve my balance (hahahaha I didn't know to keep yourself balance you need to engage your core, I've been just balancing with my feet and bouncing here there to stay put wtf)
- work those muscles (side planks anyone??)
- control
- control
- control
- less sugar for now, and will try to cut down bit by bit (natural sugar from fruits is okay)
- less carbs (haven't had a full bowl of rice for damn long, but bihun, yes (laksa wtf))
- more protein (hello chicken breast haven't had you for a while, salmon you too!)
- always keep myself hydrated!! Apparently I haven't been drinking enough water, but then again I think it's cause I didn't drink much water THAT day when I had tests done? I drink like 2-3 bottles just during gym leh
- work those abs (I'm starting to see slight definition already, more crunchesssss)
- load up on fruits

On a side note, about time I need to fix my hair. Black roots growing ya'll I'm so attractive now hahahaha, WHAT COLOUR!? I was thinking a purple base brown, or like just soft brown... Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

hey,you can do it! keep it up! :)

Rach said...

Jon and I do High Intensity Training haha. Spring on the treadmill at like 14 for me for about 30 secs. Rest 45 secs. Run again. Do like for 15 minutes. Uber tiring. But I find that a bit hard to do on the treadmill someimtes, esp. towards the end. Try the stationary bike, it is better on the knees I reckon heh.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering. Do you know whether this HIIT will result in getting huge, muscular calf?

mustardqueen said...

anon: I KNOW I CAN!!! And I WILL!!! :D Thank you! :)

rach: OOhhhh fun hahahaha I'm just afraid I'll accidentally press the speed button and went up too high ahahaha will definitely try it out!! Apparently it works for the cross trainer and bike also! :D And yeah if you don't feel like death ur not doing it right huhu

anon: I am not sure, haven't tried it. But runners' legs are damn sexy!! :D I don't mind getting some muscles at least better than flab!

Anonymous said...

hey there! i'm on a lose-weight-tone-body journey as well now. I hit the gym like almost everyday and i tink my body has gotten used to all the workouts.Any good suggestion for high intensity workouts??
THanks for sharing! I find ur blog damn inspirational btw! Keep it up babe!

Rach said...

Yeah. High intensity workouts burn more calories for a longer period of time. It also increases your metabolism and who wouldn't want that. I tried on the bike before, I cycled so fast the strap flew off HAHAHAHAHA. What I do is I sprint on the treadmill for 30 seconds at speed 14. Then once I am done with that I press stop. So the treadmill will stop and then during the next 45 seconds I increase the speed slowly up to 14 again. I do it for about 15 minutes max. I used to do that for Canoeing training also. When we jog or do exercises at a constant speed, we only work the same muscles and our body gets used to it after a while, resulting in less energy being used and hence burning less calories.

Yeah, so mix up your work out. I haven't been to the gym this week. Stupid assignments. Instead I went to go interview the owners who own a hotel which houses criminals, druggies and the mentally unstable. Workout for my heart hahah I was so scared.

mustardqueen said...

anon: Heyyy it's good to see you take the initiative to hit the gym BUT yesss you are right, your body tend to get used to the routines if you do it everyday!!! Maybe try alternating different kinds of workout? Maybe one day cardio the other day weights and some days you combine? And maybe if you're into swimming you can go swimming too. I'm thinking of picking up swimming again since it works all your muscles in your entire body. Or maybe do one or 2 days in a week of HIIT and other days you do normal workouts. Just play it around so your body gets confused!!! :)

rach: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHHA I think by having some adrenaline rush help burn calories also LOLLLL cause your heart beats so fast still consider cardio ma hehehehe I know some of them who run on the treadmill just push themselves to the "garter" at the side and rest for a while then hop back and run haha

I need to increase my metabolism... I'm now having the metabolism of a 25 year old FML!

Anonymous said...

must stretch if you don't want your calves to become big after running T.T...I hiked a lot last year and did not stretch my i have calves that are almost as big as my thighsssssssssss

Anonymous said...

I heard putting yor legs up againts the wall while lying for 30 minutes every day will do some good in shaping ur legs :D

plus it relax the calf muscle...think i should start making this aas a routine.


mustardqueen said...

anon: I do stretch out after running cause my calves and thighs feel SO SORE after running (good ma working those muscles hehe). Owh noesssss will stretching now help ar?? =/ Just stretch more la hopefully e muscles will lessen?:)

anon LF: 30 minutes a bit too long right I scared all the blood will flow to my head and I die WTF ahahahah but I do leg lifts and other things to tone the legs, besides I wanna focus more on arms and tummy cause I think my legs are awesome as they are HEHE