Thursday, May 19, 2011

So light me up like a cigarette


Not sure about you but I love it when I brush the match against the box and then you get fayahhhh (friction ma haha) And they are PINK this time round. I hate it when I get those with the brown red tips eew so ugly. And you asking why matches? Cause I have this awesome smelling candle in my room that I need matches to light it! :D And it comes so handy when there was power shortage in my area the other night (crazy storm) and my candle sorta saved my families' lives by providing light.

All hail Thomas Edison for his great invention. I think he's secretly god in disguise and went like "Let there be LIGHT!" And he invented light.

I'm a little confused. Don't you hate it when things are going on track (or so you think) and then something just strike you and it turns out that nothing was ever okay? =/

Back to the diet talk. As you all can see I'm super frustrated cause my body fat% went up! The last I check I was 23.6% (about 2 months back at around 71kgs) and yesterday it went up to 29% (at 68kgs) something is obviously not right!!!

What is happening is it the food I'm taking in? It's not that I'm eating a lot of fatty food (cept for when nancy was here, and my curry laksa craze these days =/). This shows so clearly that health is not all about weight!!! I'm apparently 3-4 kgs away from my "ideal weight" which is 64-65 BUT I wanna be 60. But what guarantees that at 60 I'll be healthy?? But deep inside my body fat% is like what 50 wtf. (A normal healthy woman has like 24% body fat, lower the better of course)

This calls for yet another change!! Not sure what I'm going to do or what I can do... Prolly a low carb diet?? I've heard that this Paleo thing is pretty helpful but when I read the rules of it, it's pretty much like Atkins with veggie and maybe more carbs, and lots of good fats.

Now now... If only I can rid myself off desserts. The horror.

See what I mean when I say I'm confused??? Trainer says I should do more weights to build up muscles, what about running!!??? I thought running was suppose to help me lose overall body fat and my legs will be more muscular?

ROAR time to get pumped up and do more weights!!! New inspiration, Keri Hilson! She looks FABBBBBB in her Pretty Girl Rock video! lovelovelove!!

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