Saturday, May 14, 2011


Met up with Janice after not seeing her for the past 6 months!!!! Shared some thoughts, had some pizza and fish and chips. You know what is best about not seeing someone after a long long time?? Is that you share a lot more stories after ehehehehe. At first I thought there will be awkward moments but, nope!! Lycheetini made us happy happy!!

And Janice brought her cousin along, she was all fun but too bad she can't speak much english (they're Koreans!) but with my limited Korean like annyong and just random small words derived from chinese, we manage to communicate a little hahahaha her expression when she was talking about how stressed high school life is in Korea is just damn funny!!!! "Study, 4 hours, lunch, study 5 hours, dinner, go home, sleep! High school students very fat!" hahahahahahaha

My pretty korean babesss!!! hhahahahha I find it damn funny cause I think I've gained some weight since these pictures were taken... I feel offended wtf! But I keep telling myself it's the muscle mass that I'm gaining >.>

Did I mention cupcakes at Bisou is awesome? I had the vanilla cupcake with blueberry jam and cream cheese frosting. Crazy yummy!!! :D

And I was out binging like a mad woman last night, it never felt better. :) Turns out, I think that I'll be able to eat normal after the whole diet thing ends :D


Mizz Dayana said...

following u. :)

Anonymous said...

i think you look absolutely good in this size, very pretty babe =) Honest

skim said...

looking good!

mustardqueen said...

mizzdayana: Thank u! :)

anon: Thank you, but I know myself best I still have a frigging tummy hanging out of my torso and it bugs me a lot! And my thighs (oh god the cellulite you can't see in pics and my flabby arms) I'm working towards a toner me haha but thanks!! :)

skim: hahahah thank you but must work harder later u say I'm not that fit WTF