Friday, May 13, 2011

Inner peace

SICK OF MY DIET POSTS YET!!??? I'm fucking sick of it already AHAHAHAHA there's only so much motivation one can receive and give, and most importantly is yourself. The only thing standing in your way is YOURSELF. I can't help you unless YOU give in and do it. I am no fairy godmother!


Random pictures of one of my last days in Melbourne. A place I hold so so closely to my heart. Till this day, this minute, this second, it still beats for Melbourne. I was running through some pictures while picking which to upload, I realise 80% of the pictures are food pictures! haha

It's a place I found true friendship, a place I found solace, a place I found myself.

Probably the 2 years of living there is sort of a "finding myself" moment (while struggling with homework and shit). I've changed so so much since then, lost so much, gained much more.

A place where having coffee alone won't be seen as weird, a place where young punks think they are they best just cause they have blonde hair and blue eyes. A place where ABCs are so frigging hot you just wanna do whatever notty things you can think about LOL. I miss my life back in Melbourne. But I find that, there are so so much more things that I can do when I'm back in Malaysia. Hence the decision to come back.


On a happier note my ex... wait for it.. HOUSEMATE is visiting me for the weekends!!! :D HAPPY TIMES!!!! God, Nancy made my life in Melbourne so much more bearable and times like these you cannot thank someone enough but to sacrifice your diet and EAT with her hehehehehe We're talking about chocolate coated strawberries, nasi lemak, and whatever that KL's famous for!


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