Monday, May 16, 2011

You're just too sweet till you get on my nerves and hurt like cavity

The weekend came too quickly and went by!!! Here is to another weekend to look forward to but I have lots of preparation to do!!! More on that later, but I'd say it's something realllllly exciting for me and I am so so so happy I did it!!! :) I was shrieking after I hung up the phone (well, you can perceive whatever you like but I ain't telling ;P )

Nancy came over for the weekend and all I can say is.... BINGE!!!! Thank goodness for the exercise I did before she came so my metabolism didn't really drop wtf and was metabolising all those shit I had during the weekend. Bak Kut Teh, awesome seafood and fried chicken, Roti tissue, fat chocolate (nommmm, must try at fat spoon it's damn good :D) fried banana... AND MORE *guilty*

Nancy came up with this brilliant plan to... Climb Batu Caves.... -.-The last time I went there was... I think 5 years ago and I did climb 272 steps in total. 136 up (half way) and scared shitless and came back down wtf!!! I braved my phobia and climbed all 272 steps to the top and deep into the caves with bat poo and unknown source of water droplets and came back down in one piece hahaha, all icky and sweaty! I could feel the burnnnn in my thighs while climbing up, seriously I think I need to do that more often haaha!!!


And super touristy shot of me and Nancy!!

twin towers looking like a fake backdrop hahahaha

GOOD TIMES!!!! Le sigh, so much for planning this that this that, and the weekend just went pass like THAT! *clicks fingers* Heckle mustard will miss you nong time! See you soon okay!!! :)

Now, back to the gym...


Thistle Trinkets said...

You are definitely my thinspiration! I looked at your previous blog entry and could see from the picture how thin you got!!!

Keep up the good work love! And of course stay healthy!!!

I am hoping to achieve at least 50% of what you did! !!

mustardqueen said...

thistletrinkets: Awwww thank you so much! I'm quite surprised that I look quite thin in pictures but I'm still feeling all flabby in real life LOL things that clothes can do huh, cover all the jiggly bits hehe

and thank you!! I am staying healthy, gymming and eating a lot less junk (cept for desserts can't live without it!) You can do this!!! remember it's not for anyone else but yourself!! You don't have to achieve 50% or 200% of what I did, but you achieve what YOU can. :)