Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lemon Zest

You guys are truly amazing!!! I can only thank you all so much, words can not describe the joy I'm experiencing, but I appreciate every single comment that you took the effort to write to me. Thank you!!!!! The compliments, the advices, the encouragements, meant a lot to me, at this sorta hard time (that I'm enjoying every moment of it haha) I'm going through right now! This gave me even more motivation and courage and work even harder towards my goal. :)

You set a goal, you achieve it. Simple as that, finish what you started. =D

I read a comment from my previous post on my carrot ring and hahahahaha I LOL-ed!!!!

"my bf pointed out that you have a ONE CARROT (CARAT) ring :P hahahaha"


CARROT CAKE!!! I have been craving for cakes for the longest time and so I decided to make one myself!! Complete with frosting and two thick layers of cinnamon carrot goodness. Mmmmmmmmmm.... I halved the recipe I got here and tweak it a little here and there. I added 100 grams less sugar (Oh lord) and it tasted even better!!! I wonder how it'll taste like if I used the full recipe =/

Fact: Did you know that adding cinnamon will sorta reduce your cravings? I dunno what they have inside but I read it somewhere saying that if you have like slices of apples and add a dash of cinnamon powder, you'll crave less. yeay.

ps: I still need to work on frosting a cake. But that's just cause I was super kiam with my cream cheese, damn exp in KL ok! And I added a lot less butter and icing sugar into my frosting, instead I added more lemon juice, and top it off with some lemon zest. Best thing ever since, lemon curd hehehe :P


Joanne said...

Your er baking instruments;the heart shapes (what do they call? measuring spoons? lol) IS VERY CUTE! :D

Xen Lee ♥ said...

You're always baking but never bring your goodies to share! I love your measuring spoons too, where did you get them??

Yea I also heard abt the cinnamon effect but.. when I make peach crumble I put a lot of cinnamon sugar and cinnamon powder but I still crave for it! Mmm but I didnt take note if it made my craving for other food decrease tho.. haha

Kimmy said...

omg. this looks so good mustardqueen!!

maybe you should start catering service for those who are on diet. ie. jenny craig or lite n easy!
I'll definitely sign up if you have this on the menu :)

Rach said...

NOMZZ. Did you bake layer by layer or bake once and cut into half? On a separate note, LEMON CURD. Made some the other day. Reminded me of when we made lemon meringue cupcakes. EH. Now that you are more muscular, does that mean when you whisk meringues it is like super sonic speed? Cause you already whisked them very quickly before. (:

Amie 구름. said...

oh my ! i wanted to do carrot cake as well but it seemed tricky for an amateur like me. so i'll stick to the simple kek batik first. lol. yours looking tempting. i wonder if there's walnut inside too, yum.

mustardqueen said...

joanne: measuring cups and spoons la AHHAHAHAHAHA why got special term is it LOL now I can say I make them with LOVE no pun intended :P

xen: Eh i bake already then you come and collect is it! hahahaha you never tell me you want also LOL I tweeted and you nvr reply wtf wtf next time la when my macarons jadi I'll let u have some :))) got my measuring spoons from Melbourne :D some shop near Vic market :) and yeah i think it works on healthy snacks like apples, but if it's dessert choices then you'll eat more WTF cause desserts with cinnamon is damn super yummy *melt*

kimmy: :D thank u thank u!!! Well, too bad ur in melb if not I'll definitely send you some ;) and erm looking at the recipe, I don't think it's appropriate for the lite n easy diners LOLLLLL

rach: HEEEEEE I baked 2 layers hence the uneven layer on the bottom cause I only have one pan -_- I gave up whisking by hand cause I've got a mixer at home hahahah saves SO MUCH TIME!

amie: it's not that hard actually!!!! The recipe that I used was really simple and just whisk everything together and bake! :D Try it and it's super yumms :) I didn't add walnut cause I don't like nuts in my cake! I wanted to put as topping though ;)

Amie 구름. said...

really ? you've done it beautifully. maybe i should try it one day, thanks ! :)

deEPOCA said...

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feedback is always nice :)

mustardqueen said...

amie: Sorry for the late reply my comments just got recovered!! Anyway YES it is easy, really just prepare ALL the ingredients and mix all together but mix the dry into the wet ingredients slowly la :) TRY IT it's awesome :)

deepoca: mmmmm coffee, definitely a perfect match!! haha ok will do check it out!