Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So last night my mom crashed into my room announcing that she tapau-ed jengjeng... Yee Mee. And itunes was playing "freak out" by Le Chic. She grooved to it.

If you know me, I have loved yee mee since... forever. I make my yukgaejjang with yeemee inside. I eat claypot yee mee, braised yee mee, yeemee is first choice. Sometimes bihun.

And I rejected it. I haven't had yee mee since... January or so, because... I found out that one yee mee (1 serve) has about 550 calories. That is just plain yeemee alone and when you add sauce, oil, sugar, sodium, meat, you get 1000 calories. Which is approximately my daily intake. THE HORROR.

So my mom said "oh so you're going on the calories basis eh?" "Sorta" i said.

I mean I don't go purely on the calories basis, but if things are really high in calories and is just crazy high in fats and carbs like french fries I'll try to avoid or just avoid at all cause (Story for another day, my carrot cake).

And I have been feeling that my efforts are doubted (except for my family!! LOVE YOU ALLLLL especially wen she keep saying i'm so thin i'm so thin *jiggles tummy* you see that hhahahaha). I've been told that you should do this you should do that and seriously, whatever I'm doing now is working fine on me, so do NOT, question my efforts because clearly I'm showing progress and I know it best. :) I don't need your judgmental eyes to be scanning my thighs or my stretch marks. I don't need anyone to tell me how I should be doing things. :)


Small win from yesterday's class: I manage to do side planks without falling hahahaha and I'd say it was a pretty good stretch for the obliques!! :P ALSO, I manage to outrun my usual timing by 4 minutes! Yeay me.

I'm at a mini plateau again, but I guess that's cause I'm gaining muscle weight :D I think it's muscle weight cause my arms are now more muscular (yeay get little tikus haha) and I got armpit muscles wtf I dunno how you call it but I call it armpit muscles la when you flex your arms you can see the dent. And when I was doing speedball I can see it too <3

What else? I found new gym buddies (virtual and real life wtf) and at least I have the motivation to hit the gym hehe. And best motivation is when erm you see hot guys in gym wtf best motivation ever <3

And a picture of something to reward myself. My favo naengmyun :):):) Looks uber disgusting but taste like heaven (to me) with extra tuna chunks :D

bought korean miso paste and added a little. Complete with boiled egg whites, kimchi, gochujang, dash of sesame oil and chunks of tuna.*SLURP*

Quote of the day:

Finish what you started.


Kimmy said...

I really admire your determination! I think you're doing a great job! you've lost so much weight.

If only I had like 15% of your determination, I can shed off some weight too. BUT it's too cold here in Melbourne now... All i wanna do is EAT!

Rach said...

EH I have a super random question for you. How do I check if a treadmill is showing me distance in km or miles? do you know? And I forgot to comment on your La Senza post but you are looking great (plus I liked your skirt) so yeah. Keep moving forward!

mustardqueen said...

kimmy: thank you thank you!! Lost a bit only but not enough hahahaha anyway you look fine as you are lor you don't wanna look too hungry =/ omg i just heard how cold Melbourne is now!!! Stay home and have a cuppa hot chocolate (with skim milk of cos lol) STAY WARM! :D

rach: erm im not sure the one you have but I check with my trainer and they say it's in miles so yea. Maybe try pushing the buttons and see if it indicates hahahahaha and THANK YOU it's actually a dress but I tuck it in LOL.

Rach said...

Haha yay. Cause I have been running on treadmill and wondering why I take so long just to run like 400m doesn't make sense. You made my week man hahahahaha so happy. I want to see pictures of your awesome sounding carrot cake.

mustardqueen said...

rach: I get what you mean!!! it's like cannot be why is it so hard to reach 1km and i realise its 1 mile HAHAHAHAHA and I took pics of the carrot cake omnomnom

Anonymous said...

i admire your determination. yes, losing weight is a personal thing, some method that suit others may not suit you.
unlike you, i cannot diet. but your determination had inspired me to start exercising again. i wanted to when you started posting abt losing weight but been giving myself excuses until i saw your weight loss journal.
I need to lose 15 to 20kg and i am not committing to any plan now, just start (actually started) exercising and will build & refine the plan as i go along.

i want to say, thank you for motivating me .

just one question, how long did it take for you to lose 10 kg ? i expect mine to be >3x your time since i am not dieting and exercise less (target to do 3x a week as a start)

mustardqueen said...

anon: I'm glad that I'm such a motivation to actually get people started!!! It's always better late than never, just start now and I'm sure you'll be able to achieve it very very very soon! All you need really is initiative to kick start your a healthier lifestyle! :)

I started dieting in about January but I was doing it the wrong way, I tried not eating for few days and yes I did lose a few kgs but then I gained back quickly and I was feeling like shit all the time and tired cause I was always hungry without any food fueling myself.

Just take lean meat (fish, chicken) and try to avoid red meats. Cut down on sugar and junk food and fast food because god knows how much calories are actually in them! Always try to avoid eating out, and prepare your own meals, have lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Ever since I started going to gym, attending classes and running etc, I can feel myself more toned. I'm not so worried about my weight now, but overall I just wanna look leaner and toner, I can be 70kgs but then I'm all muscles inside haha!

Right now, I try to go running and go on cross trainer on days I don't go for the group classes. Exercise at least 3 hours a week, it should be more than enough. Eating healthy is key! :)

I would say I started to see the results around mid april, and I started the whole healthy thing around march. But really, different people have different methods. :) Just follow a balanced diet, and try to eat brown instead of white (brown rice, brown bread etc), cut down on sugar and fast food! No sodas/ sweet drinks (although this is my weakness I cannot live without teh ais but I try to control)

phew! Really long reply, if you need anything else, feel free to drop me an email or we can just talk here LOL

Anonymous said...

indeed a long reply :p
but i really cant do diet ... i cannot resist food, tried many times, lasted hours. so i am not going there as i will get demotivated quickly if i fail too many times. so i am just going to exercise and maybe take baby steps on changing diet like put less sugar in coffee or with no sugar on alternate days.


mustardqueen said...

anon: it only takes you 21 days to make something a habit! Start small, slowly but surely :) All the best to you!!!! :) And tip for you, if you're going to starbucks or whatever coffee chain just ask for without syrup cause they add 3 full pumps of syrups and that's like 100 calorites D: I can't resist food myself but I try to control. :) But it'll be all worth the restrain when you step on the scale and when you get compliments :)))))

revel in me said...

Eh you forgot to give credit to me 'cause I lent you my fitness first card and now I can't go to gym!! So you are getting thin on my expense-- I am getting fat wtf. T__________T

Jess said...


I just want to let you know that what you are doing is very commendable. Do not give up! You just have to keep going and once you see the results, you will know that there is no turning back. Being slim is just half of it. The confidence that it gives you is immeasurable.

I used to be 15 kgs heavier and it took me almost a year of healthy eating and exercise. I have experienced what you are experiencing. Things like your weight being on a plateau, getting so guilty when you have that piece of cake and the constant motivation that you have to give yourself to get up and go to the gym.

Keep it up :) everything is possible if you just put your mind to it. It will be all worth it in the end! All the best and keep going!

yy said...

wow, i really have a lot of respect for your determination in sticking to your diet/exercise regime. keep it up!

i'm trying to lose some weight/get more toned too, but whenever i get stressed, i'll start eating bars and bars of chocolate. it's so tough to resist them! but i'll learn from you.. thanks for the inspiration! :)

mustardqueen said...

RIM: >.> *shifty eyes wtf* er thank you! =PPPPP Eh dn't la announce here later the FF ppl come catch me T____T Don't worry when you shimmy cannot see fats jiggling WTF

jess: Your comment just inspired me even more!!! It's the first time I heard from someone who's been there and done it, and truly understand what I'm going through right at this moment!! The guilt of having a slice of cake or a cup of sweet drinks, oh... boy that felt terrible. And I totally get when you say the confidence that you get, eventhough I get comments from people saying that I've lost a lot of weight but this teached me to be humble, it is just something that I am doing it for myself and actually half succeeded in doing it. And what you did was great, so healthy and gradual weight lost, it truly inspires me that rome wasn't built in a day and that there is no rush, pursuing a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong occupation, just like raising a kid, needs a whole lot of dedication :D Thank you so so muchhhhh for this comment!! <3 It meant a lot to me. :)

yy: Thank you!! Don't stress too much, you know what??? Exercising can be therapeutic too! Especially after a hard time at work/uni, run it out, sweat it, and when you stretch out and take a deep breath, it's like, Liberation. :) You can still eat chocolate bars, but try having dark chocolate instead!!! Has less sugar and milk content, and definitely less calories than normal choc bars :)

dy said...

i wish i'm as determined as you...keep it up!! now i'm inspired by you to work harder.. hehe..

i tried to target losing 5-7kgs but 5 years passed and i only managed to maintain it. boo.

Rachel said...

Like I said you made my week, now I am going to go look at your carrot cake pictures and drool a bit hahaa. Another positive for exercising is it is good for your complexion too! (: And you know I need it haha.

mustardqueen said...

dy: Don't wish, start today!!! I always thought I couldn't do it and I'm just behind the computer screen checking out thinspo blogs and I thought, if I don't start, i'll never achieve. So start now!!! :D

rach: HAHA WHY I MADE YOUR WEEK? Cause I baked a cake? lollll try making cupcake versions I'm sure it'll be awe-summmm and YAHHH exercising cleared up my skin a lot, a lot less pimples popping hehehehe