Monday, May 23, 2011


Stress is when SKII doesn't work on your skin (at least for just today) cause I haven't been sleeping much, too much thoughts and worrying about the auditions. It went pretty well, there were some times that I was a little messed up/kelam-kabut (HA BM lololololl) but all is good now. Really appreciate how the production crew were so, I dunno, nice and attentive to all our needs. Kudos all of ya'll (if you are reading haha).

I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to make it, I don't want this. I need this. I'd be lying if I say it's not for the money and prize of writing a cookbook, and it is also a way to show people that what I am capable of. And it is not for anyone, but for myself, a breakthrough.

I can already see changes in my life, people around me and most importantly changes in myself. I'd leave that to fate and let life decide on my destiny.

Here's a quote from me because I have been feeling so psyched about life as of late.

"Always look forward to life because you won't know what surprises life will bring you."

And because of that, I'm becoming the change I want to be. It may or may not turn out how I've wanted it to be, but hey, life goes on and it's too short to wait for it to happen.

If you want changes, be THE change.

Signing off

A very tired queen with pimples and dark circles =(


Jaybug said...

hi :) been a silent reader so far, but I really wanted to wish you the best of luck!

I'm watching MasterChef in Australia right now (gosh, why is it on EVERYDAY), so reading about your MasterChef adventures got me all excited, haha.

christina said...

Good luck! From your entries sounds like u'll be fantastic in Masterchef. Fingers cross you get in! :D

mustardqueen said...

jaybug: Thank you so much!!! Stop la being silent, be loud like me wtf!! :) GODDD Wish I can watch masterchef aus 3 too but been pretty busy!! Will catch up so I knw what to expect! ;)

christina: Thank you!! :) I hope I'll be able to get in too!! =D But still needa work on the cooking, a lot. :)

Faridah Zulkiflie said...