Thursday, May 26, 2011


Can you believe that I had not 1, not 2 but 6 egg whites yesterday?

I'm on this high protein, try to cut down on carbs thing now. Trying it out to see if it works (need to burn more fats ya see, and well build more lean muscles). And having more protein will help in building the lean muscles cause well, basically muscles are tissues, and to build tissues you'll need protein!! Loads of it. And because your body burns sugar (aka carbs) first then protein then only fats in order to produce energy for daily activities, it is only logical to cut down on the most useless component - Carbs.

Not completely completely cut out, but some stuff like oats, cereal I still take la (since there's still leftovers why waste right?)

So I'll be starting on weights training (aside from my usual group classes and cardio) cause it did help me build some muscles (Back muscles ya'll, I can finally see a little bit of my shoulder blades, and the line of my spine!) And I did like... More than 200 squats (miscalculation on my twitter hahaha math fail!) with dumbells and the ball thing you swing here there wtf. (Oh it's call kettlebell wtf) and my thighs are so huge now =(((((( Must not build too much muscles on thighs I don't wanna have elephant leg (like someone wtf hahahaha damn bad)

So like yah... Veggies, fruits, meats. I did cheat a little this afternoon when we went to this awesome restaurant at Sentul where I had fries chicken wing (just one drummet) and curry fish head (well I didn't drink the gravy I only had fish and veggies) and fries prawns. It's still protein right!? With like 1tbs of rice. NGEH. And I'm full like hell now.

What else? Erm... Having lots of egg whites has taught me to actually say sorry to the yolks when I dispose of them. A bit crazy but it's still putting food to waste =( I think I need to find pasteurized egg whites, anyone knows if Cold Storage has them? I'm kinda sick of removing yolks from the whites (but then can train for masterchef why not!?).

I'm still having a bit of sleeping problems. =/ Not sure if it's cause there were lightning flashing the entire night (signs of rapture?) and that I am still stressed over the competition or god knows why. I slept at 10.30 cause I was dead tired from 3 hours of sleep from previous night, and crazy session at gym (for me at least) and I was dozing off while playing Bejewelled. This has got to stop really, it's been what? 5 days already hurhur.

And I guess my diet plan wasn't working so well previously cause my body got used to it??? Really, I need to mix around the routines a little. I think I should pick up swimming again! :D

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Kim said...

Sentul Chor Lau Heong? They served the best fried chicken wings hehe