Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I made some awesome raspberry mousse tarts yesterday and it is now finished... All in my tummeh and not feeling a tad guilt at all!! I've been binging like mad lately and I just HOPE it's the hormones =/ But god the suble crust is so so goooooodddd I have leftover mousse shall make more tomorrow HEHEHEHEHE

I think I've mentioned all of these in my twitter account (if you haven't already know, follow me here! It's locked so people who exclusively join can know what's happening thought sometimes I overtweet lalalala)

So I went for this erm personal training sesh and god... I was so devastated. I'm disappointed in myself, I'm becoming another one of those, oh she looks fine but inside all fats kinda person. Lesson learnt, NEVER eat a bowl of curry laksa before going for any weigh-ins wtf. I just had laksa for dinner and tons of mousse in my stomach before the session *shifty eyes* Guess what? My body fat % if 29.6%. Almost 30%. Oh my fucking god la kill me.

So now focus pocus... I need to do more weights with combination of cardio, just so I can gain more muscles (apparently my muscle mass is fine now, just the body fat shittttttt) and I think I need to OD on xenical to reduce fat intake mehhhh.

But small wins for today: 1 min 14s of plank and 30 pushups in 1 minute. Could have done better!! Shall PUSH PUSH PUSH myself.

Here's a picture of the raspberry tart I attempted to make but of course it didn't turn out so pretty haha(picture adapted from

Did I also mention I tried making macarons with the raspberry mousse too? It was a tad to crunchy at first but after leaving it in the fridge for 2 hours or so, the moisture from the cream sorta softens the texture and became quite nice!! All almond-y and crumbly in my mouth. Too sweet though, need to come up with some reduced sugar recipes but then the macaron won't be nice meh. But boy those tart taste so good I can just eat it on its OWN! :D

And random tmi moment: I am lactose intolerant fts, it happens everytime after I have heavy cream (be it in small or large amounts) there will be flatulence wtf and diarrhea. Confirm. And cause I had so much mousse (and not even a lot leh I used like 1 cup of cream for prolly 2-3 cups of mousse mixture) I spent a lot of lovely time in the toilet. But I like how the mousse turn out to be quite light, and the raspberry taste is kinda nice too (I used diabetic jam ha!) nom

Back to life, I'm hungry.

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Rachelle said...

That looks so yum. :X And omg macarons are the trickiest lil things ever~

My mom made this raspberry mousse thing too the other day. Omg it was so good. A thin layer of brownie/chocolate cake, a middle layer of raspberry mousse, topped with a layer of respberry jel-o. *craves*