Saturday, June 04, 2011



Fuck yes? I want to look like that. Long way to go hurhur.

Well at least now I can say I am almost there. Almost.


Anonymous said...

Not too fat and not too skinny! Please Don't overdo it k?

Joanne said...

You will be there soon :)) Looking forward to the picture of you looking fit!

rei said...

you'll be there, i'm sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm....I have quite a flat stomach,but I still can't get rid of the jelly bean on my lower abdomen lah??


mustardqueen said...

anon: I knwwww that's like the perfect abs/body that I want!!! Must work harder to achieve it!! :D

joanne: Well hopefully (not so after my really heavy dinner hahahah) but if I ever get that body, be ready to see some bikini action wtfwtf

rei: Maybe not as perfect, but I'll tryyyyy hehehehe :)

anon: lucky you! I've had like super bloated tummy with 2 layers summore for my whole life!!! Do bicycle crunches, reverse crunches! And just do ab workouts la it works the entire abdomen area so it'll definitely work on ur lower abdomen in the long run! :)

Audrey said...

Heh. I have had two layers my whole life too. But I am a size 8 so pretty wtf. But like, I've stopped eating properly cause I've been feeling terribly down with a lot of things :( And I don't even go to the gym anymore. HOW AH. Granted I think I am losing weight but this is not the right way to go, is it? :(