Saturday, June 04, 2011


Feeling the immense guilt because I got into yet another accident due to my reckless driving and yes, the car has some serious internal injury and I've to settle with the police to file a report to claim the insurance and I am not sure if it's a blessing or what that the "victim" was quite nice and was rather accommodating. And yah at this time I'm feeling like an all time lowlowlowlowlow I want to just DIE. So tired, so many things to settle, so many things to do.

I carb load when I'm stressed out. Garlic cheese naan, you've been too well to me.

Busy busy day ahead tomorrow and it's the Fashion Rehab sale!! :) Come say hi and maybe gimme a cheer-me-up (which I need, lots and lots).

Old Blossom Box prelove party was pretty amazing today!! Met the most interesting characters in town tryna sell Char Kuey Teow with extra siham to me AHAHAHAHA (HELLO RACHEL!) and lotsa new people. :)

Now all I want to do is sleep.