Monday, June 06, 2011

How to get fat without knowing.

My 4 days 3 nights trip to bangkok has not only helped me gained 2 kgs (or maybe a little more) and also cause a pain in my ass (for eating too much chilli haha). Now that my tastebuds are still craving for those yummy pad thai and thai milk tea, every taste bud is yearning for some coconut milk to be drizzled over, maybe with some extra sweet chilli sauce to go with some grilled pork. Yum.

As I've tweeted, 95% of the pictures taken from the trip are food. We have about 3 meals a day (i try to have my healthy protein bar *cough* for breakfast and join them for lunch and dinner, went well with the plan) complete with unlimited supply of iced milk tea throughout the trip. How to not get fat?? And seriously those Thai Milk tea are the shit ok. Right amount of milkiness and smokey tea flavour. oh god.


Some RANDOM shots and milk tea. *melt*

And another picture of me and my brother. Seriously sometimes I think you guys think I'm the only child and ignored the fact that I have 2 sisters and a brother HAAHAHAHA or some people think I'm the "friend" -_-

SEE? We look so alike no?? And I think we have the same nose and eyes! =D

PS: got new hair colour. miss my red hair =(


Char Kway teu RK said...

hello cutie, your last post cannot comment....HELLLOOOOOO....thereeee
sorry to hear about the car, next time char kway teu add scallop for you ok....dont sad...

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