Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I was randomly stalking people on facebook, and stumble across this girl, who posted a picture of her outfit, captioned "I look fat".

After being through about 10-12 years of being fat, really? Looking into mirrors are the hardest thing to do, thinking how those jeans would fit on my 42 inch hips, complete with muffin top and love handles. Looking into the mirror was never the easiest thing to do, at least for me. And that I would try to avoid mirrors if I can, or maybe if the mirror happen to make me look good, then maybe yes.

That brings to me point of, I still do NOT get, why people often post pictures of themselves captioned, I look fat. So here's a fat photo of myself?


I feel fat, I don't put pictures of myself man. Why would I want people to look at my worst when I probably might have some other "thin" looking pictures? And when people pinch their tummy saying they're fat, with what 2mm of skin (not even flesh, see how hard they try to prove they're fat?), I cringe. You haven't seen ***MY*** love handles baby.

Is it fun to make people feel inferior towards how you look or whatever it is? You think it's necessary? SOOOO many times I've heard people talking behind my back about my appearance (Yes you, I know about it? You know who I'm talking about? YES YOU!) and can't you just leave me alone? Fat, skinny, tall, ugly, pretty, why do we put labels on everything? Is it because putting a label differentiates you from someone else? Does putting a beautiful sign on you differentiate you from other normal human being? You are still human, you still eat, shit, pee, sleep and maybe fuck. Your body might not even function as nicely as the human who wasn't labelled beautiful.

If fishing for compliments is your forte, I'd say go for it. Because what I think is that posting a picture of myself which I consider "fat" to compliments is just, unnecessary.

For example,

Exhibit A, I post a picture of myself and I caption it "I look so fat".

Respondent 1: "Err, so what should I tell her?? Yeah you really do look fat? But that doesn't sound nice? So should I write something like "oh no you look great".

Conclusion: Mission succeeded. You've officially fished for a compliment.

Respondent 2: Maybe in a joking manner but she replied "yeah maybe it's time to lose those muffin tops"

Conclusion: you'll end up hurting yourself more, and be all offended and try to defend yourself by saying like OHH yea have been eating a lot lately I blame this this this this hahaha and end with the world's most awkward laugh.

I hope you get my point.

I am just happy that now that I'm more open about myself and my feelings/pet peeves, I am more comfortable with myself, in a way a lot more confident that who I was back then, and as compared to who I am now? I'm very happy for myself. Be it the courage or the strength that I've gained (woots kiss ma guns!!!). As long as I feel that I'm healthier and I'm passionate about the things that I'm doing, good things will come my way.

Be it a bad day, always hold a positive thought in your mind. That's my current motto of life. The previous weekend was hella whirlwind with 2 pre-love parties back-to-back and a car accident, visits to the police station and whatever shit, a new week has commenced and I always anticipate what life will bring next? (hopefully fingers crossed not another accident *touch wood* CHOIII)

Me expressing my undying love for Thai Iced Milk Tea (this one with grass jelly *spiral*)

I mean this picture, I don't feel think I look fat, I feel rather happy posting it up and I hope you do feel the same too. But oh well, who cares what you think? hahahahaha


a stalker too! said...

I think you look fab :)

FIFIONA said...

*claps claps*

so glad someone spoke out about this...I have been overweight for few years now and I just cannot stand skinny girls saying they look fat when they have no ounce of fat on them...

bravo, I love myself the way I am and I am glad you do too:)

miemiemie said...

i hate it too when skinny girls call themselves fat. my frame makes me look skinny, i am underweight but there are some unnecessary fat around areas like my thighs and tummy area. they don't look obvious because of my frame, but i don't blurt it out by saying "i'm fat" or "i look fat" to others. i just keep it to myself..plus the bf thinks i'm getting fat, just because i'm starting to get flab hahaha.

my point is, those girls who say their fat, even when they are not are SEEKING for attention and compliments. that's just how i see it. they don't really care if they're insulting others, they just say it to please themselves. so don't be bothered by them. if someone annoys me for being dumb, i either ignore them or not think about them. you know why? you're getting bothered and they have no idea. so what's the point of wasting your emotions on nothing right? sounds easy, but its hard to do. i also rant and get angry at things like that, but think again and think of something else.

i'm proud of you on how you remain so motivated and positive, keep it up. there's nothing impossible in this world. for as long as you are happy, your readers will be happy :)

Anonymous said...

Dear you,

Look at it this way, if you turn the person inside out, they all look the same! Yeap disgusting. So always keep a positive outlook on life even when you feel like crap. We all have one of those days ya know.

When you are fat, you work your arse off to be skinny enough for people to go hey you lost so much weight lalalala either way, they are still gonna talk about it. Good or bad, humans are humans. Naturally, they like to see people fail and fall prey to their words.

Always remember, being healthy should be your priority. Being happy is even better!

I hope you know what i am trying to convey =D!

Inside out! We all look the same


mustardqueen said...

stalker: haha thanks!! :)

fifiona: they are just making all these complains out of their insecurities. They need to learn to love themselves more! We embrace our curves, and the best curve on our bodies is actually our smile. They can't seem to be happy with their own looks then so be it. They need help lol...

miemiemie: Hahahha exactly!! They do it to please themselves by bringing others down, only make themselves look so shallow. I'm just purely "voicing" it out to encourage people to actually love themself more and rid of their own insecurities, I'm doing this for myself, and really who gives two fucks about what other think right?? As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing, I'm happy! :D And thank you!! Hope you're doing fine and mehh, don't care about what the boys think about us "gaining weight", ask them to embrace your new curves LOL if not don't go dating/dinner dates hhehehe =P

anon: Hey you! I think if I turn the other person inside out, mine will look prettier! :P Cause I've got some new muscles to flaunt yea? hahaha I am holding this really positive thought on a daily basis to keep my spirit high as the sky (or maybe higher) and really, I've been through crappier days and they came and went by a lot quicker and not as hard as I thought! :)

Whatever that you're doing, there will be people looking forward for you to fail! Which is why when people say I can't do it, I'll do it just to show them who's boss! :P Being healthy has played this major role in my life right now (albeit the occasional cheat on muffins hehe) but yes, I'm very content with my life right now. There's this chinese saying that "the lips are embedded on others' face, you can't control what they're saying". hahaha so as long as I'm living true to myself, really, nothing can stop me. =D

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I've bumped into you in person but too shy to say hello!

I think you look awesome..and healthy! And I am hoping I'd some day come as close to the size you are.. Keep up the awesome efforts!

mustardqueen said...

anon: *shy* where did you see me?? hahah hopefully not when I'm all sweaty and gross with no makeup (which high and very likely I was at that state wtf) but please, if you see me again, say hi. :) Who knows we might be best gym buddies HAHA