Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've got a tip for you.

Stop drinking water for 5 days (cause you can survive 7 days without water, so 5 days should be good enough for you not to die, and yet you can lose weight) and sweat it out as much as possible at the gym. You'll probably lose a few pounds doing that in just 3 days! :D

Can't you sense my sarcasm? If you're doing that, a big tight slap and good luck to your health, all you're losing is water weight. And you'll probably die after like... the first day from dehydration.

"My weight does not define who I am" - Khloe Kardashian

I'm loading myself with water like a camel cause I sweat so much this morning. Not complaining!!!! And my shirt is disgusting like you can see the sweat stain everywhere but the sports bra wtf. Need. more. dry. fit. shirts.



Flavia said...

Speaking of sports bras, what's the best one to get? I'm going to start capoeira classes this Sat and I need something stat :P

mustardqueen said...

flavia: ermmm... I dunno mannn I just get the normal ones with the racerbacks! Capoeira is more combat style yea?? I know Nike has some pro-combat ones at RM89, consider cheap for sportsbra =PPPP and they have a lot of colours so yea.