Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm sorry if this is turning into a progress blog of some sort, but feel free to leave if you wish. Well I do "hope" that this is a real progress blog so then I'll be posting pictures of myself with some incredibly small waist with abs and some biceps to flaunt but no, not yet. T_T

Special K cereal with yogurt drizzle with honey, cinnamon
1 medium banana

3 or 4 digestives biscuits (lost count)

veggies (like a mixture of pumpkin, some unknown bitter veggie i think it's chinese spinach but I am quite sure I'm wrong and brinjal and some beans)
1 cup of milk (bad choice, I have the runs after 2 hours heh!)

digestives biscuits (seriously I need to stop this shit man, so addictive!)

ba zhang (-_-)

after workout munch:
starbuck's banana chocolate chip muffin (!!!!! best shit ever, especially when heated omnomnomnom)

I'm sorry I'm a sucker for sweet stuff and I snack a lot and I'm eating like a monster. Supper sesh with brother later (if it's not cancelled la hahahaha) and god knows when I'll be binging on those digestives again. The solution is to FINISH IT and never buy them again (if I can refrain myself from buying).

1km walk/run 1:1 ratio

15 shoulder pull backs (can't remember the name to save my life) @ 15kgs X 4 reps
15 bicep curls @ 7lbs dumbbells X 3 reps
15 lateral raises @ 7lbs dumbbells X 3reps
15 front raises @ 7lbs dumbbells x 3 reps
15 dunno what but for the shoulders @ 20kgs x 5 reps

1:30 minutes plank
15 bicycle crunch
15 90 degree leg raise
leg raises till failure (my lower ab was hurting so bad but syok haha)
reverse crunches till failure
crunch on balancing ball till failure
50 seconds plank

15 minutes on cross trainer

seriously my workout is like... rojak T___T I don't even know if I'm doing it right but fts I'm feeling the burn!!! And love it when instructors tells you if you're doing it right or wrong and tells you the right way!! (and best part I didn't ask for it hahahaha)

REST DAY TOMORROW! :D:D:D:D I love how my days sorta matches with letters cause Saturdays are for snacking wtf (i need to stoppppppppp!!!! But my Snickers! See starts with an 'S' haha) so yea.

Yah I'm doing this all for ONE SOLE REASON, I wanna look good and feel good. hmm hmmmm all of this puzzle pieces will come together, very soon, very very soon. Prolly in a few months time (hopefully :P)

And although this whole journey is taking longer than I thought, so far it's been working well, and the longer it takes to reach your goal, the longer you'll maintain in shape (providing I don't snack like I do now). My ultimate goal was to be what 55 kgs by June (already passed and I'm way beyond 55kgs) but really, I don't really care what my weight is now, I weigh myself for the sake of weighing. I've been drinking what? 2.5 litres of water, and gaining and losing water weight from sweating and drinking more water, and the amount of food I take in, and I lose weight when I shit? Seriously...

And I'm REALLY happy with my progress on my legs!!!!!! :D I thought like "eh the mirror at the group studio cheat one". but when I went back home, I went to another gym, they look the same heheheheh. Well at least now, they are FITTA and STRONGA (sorry i had to hahahaha).

Now now, tummy please, behave. And I hope I'll stop behaving like a klutz during classes -_- I almost tripped and fell and hit my head on the stage once, was drinking water and my bottle cap fell down the stairs (quite glad wasn't ME falling down the stairs) and all I could do was hold in the sip of water I had in my mouth and watch it fall down step by step -_- Was doing lunges and couldn't balance and my knee hit the floor and I got bruises ya'll. -_-

End of update. Please sweat more people. Sweating is good. And if you're still sweating, you're still alive.

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