Friday, June 24, 2011

What is up my sleeves?

Bag o' tricks I tell you.

What have I been up to? I've been eating too much for my own good, working out too much for my own good, baking too much to my own good to the extent that I bake about 3-4 times a week and almost finishing what I bake! HA!!!

So my life is basically, run some errands, spend too much time on tumblr looking at pretty food pictures and pretty skinny girls, bake, eat, workout, meetup with le bestie, sleep. Repeat cycle 7 times a week.

BUT, today is rather productive. I crashed my arms, did some crazy ab workout (the burn omg) and skipped cardio (phew). I cannot run to save my life, cannot cycle to save my life, cannot cross train for my own wellness. The only cardio I can ever finish is going for classes, for which I come out drenched in sweat, looking all disgusting. The best part is, people have been telling me they seen me at the gym and hello, CREEPY MUCH?!!????? I knew it okay, when people staring at me, and like when I look at them they continue looking, should we have a staring competition?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Come la say hi at least I don't feel like some weirdo, staring back like I wanna start a fight. And yes, reading the comments from anonymous commentators, freaks me out okay like, shit what was i wearing that day, I think my mascara melted or I had no makeup or my hair was in this crazy state when I just finished ab conditioning. -.- sexyness to the max.

Today's menu is.... BIKINI KILLER. Wen was telling me these awesome amazing nigella snicker peanut butter MUFFINS, for which I tried to bake once for my brother's birthday (Caramel filled cupcakes with snicker topping) and she told me there;s this other one with snickers IN the cupcake itself. Bikini killer cause every bar of Snickers contains 255 calories, there's peanut butter (about 100 cals per serving) butter, sugar, flour and chocolate chips. HUHU. BUT then again they are MUFFINS, without topping, so they are "healthier".

"We're not talking about strenuous exercise while mixing, we're talking about pure pleasure" - Nigella Lawson.

SUPER LOVE MY ROBERT GORDON MEASURING SPOONS AND CUPS :D And do you like my pink kitchen scale??? It cost me about half an arm, but it's okay, one of the BEST investments. :) Next up, prolly a Kitchenaid. :D Sponsors anyoneeee????? :D

ps: that lump of shit in the flour is actually peanut butter... See at least I **TRY** to make a healthier effort by using "no sugar added" peanut butter, and used 4 tbs instead of 6 tbs of sugar. I tried, but then I added extra chocolate chips and snickers later on <.<


skim said...

that looks fucking amazeballssss

jaclyn Wong said...

that's the bestttt muffins ever. i make it all the time fml no wonder i can't fit into most clothes anymore

mustardqueen said...

kim: they taste amazing too! If you can't make this at home, just have a snicker bar with peanut butter on top and top with some chocolate chips then microwave for 5 seconds HAHAHA

jaclyn: I knowwww wen has been telling me you girls made them back in Aus and how it's so amazing omg i need to stop baking, my clothes aren't fitting that well already AHAHHAAHA

fire said...

any workout to share to slim thighs ? =)

mustardqueen said...

fire: errrrr running? I dunno man, try like elliptical or leg extensions that targets on the hamstrings? Jumping jacks and cross jacks for inner thighs, lunges, squats. But please take care of your knees cause these exercises are really bad for your knees if you do it wrongly. Try doing single lunges (meaning you alternate one lunge on right leg then left leg, do it quick) it BURNS like FIRE hahaha i'm serious.

Anonymous said...

What classes do you do?

mustardqueen said...

anon: it's either your a lazy reader like the other 300 of them or that you're new. combat and attack.

Lisa said...

These really do look amazing. Can't ever pass up peanut matter what form it's in, even as a 'lump of shiit' in those killer muffins!

J said...

Am going to attempt them peanut butter snickers muffins! *fingers crossed* they turn out well...

I can't for the life of me do attack and i end up doing options..LOL!!

mustardqueen said...

lisa: Peanut butter is like... the best thing ever. comfort food, sinful indulgence, everything. I can eat it off my spoon, on my finger or just lick from the bottle WTF!!!

j: HAHA! TRY IT!! But please don't use unsweetened peanut butter like i did, it didn't taste as good LOL. I can't follow up the "options" so i just erm... I dunno do at my own pace.

J said...

What's the healthier option then? aside from reducing sugar? I was actually planning to use no added sugar peanut butter.. can that work?

mustardqueen said...

J: I read online they say use artificial sweeteners, I mean they aren't exactly HEALTHY since they aren;t natural, but fat content wise, healthier. I read they use Splenda, not sure what it is. :)

Wendy said...

Just thought I'll add: peanut butter isn't the main criminal in these muffins. Also just a thought, just because something is called a muffin doesn't necessarily make it less calories or healthier as they are often larger and more dense than a cup cake.

Peanut butter is actually full of good monounsaturated fat so it's actually good for you! Yes it is high in calories but you're better off reducing the other ingredients such as butter, sugar and chocolates. Since peanut butter is quite thick and moist you can substitute more of the butter for peanut butter.

Splenda is an artifical sweetener (AKA sucralose) that can be used in cooking and baking but in some cakes it can't provide the same structure that sugar can give to a cake. Other sweeteners you can use include saccharin (AKA sweet and low) but you can not use Aspartame (AKA Equal) in baking as it will lose its sweetness.

Hope this helps =) And sorry for such a long comment!