Thursday, July 07, 2011

Never say NO to Panda

WATCHED KUNG FU PANDA!!!! like finally. I haven't been to the movies ever since I returned from Melbourne (that's 4 months ya'll) and I'm not used to the super small seats with minimal leg room!!! Let's just say, I think I'm slowly liking Pandas more and more. I mean what's there NOT to like? It's limited (on the brim of extinction), very cute, very lazy, looks like me (those were the days I was saying "Marketing is like magic, they turn human being into pandas" cause everyone were rushing for assignments before due dates, no sleep etc)

And when I saw some this awesome loaf, I wanted to give it a try!!! :D


But timing wasn't right, I started baking at 4, and my movie was at 6.45. I needed time to let it rise, proof, knead, shape blabla. So I left it out to rise for more than the require time (by 3 hours >.>) and deng deng. It tasted okay, just a little too... fermented wtf. YEAST!!! Y U NO CALM DOWN!!!! I thought it was suppose to die after proofing for like 3 hours or so but I was wrong T_T Lesson learnt: Always follow the recipe!!!!! Which I never, EVER learn. -_-

After the first rising process (which took way too long) And when I press the dough, it released gas like "pffffffffff" hahahahaha so cuteeeee my dough tripled instead of doubling its size -_-


Fucking shocked when I saw it in the oven (this was before it exploded in the oven, the loaf was like over the top -_- crazy panda yo...

my mom's bestie commented: "
Ting the bread u make front look like fish side like pig n angle like panda well done. Haha.....

I thought it looked like a pig from side too HAHAHAHHA


SOMEONE NEEDS AN EYELIFT!!!!!!! T_T The dough sorta collapsed when it was rising for the second time and it sagged to the other side T_T BUT Still looks "quite" cute. hehehehehe WELL AT LEAST IT CAN PASS OFF AS NEOPOLITAN LOAF!!! And people this is BREAD ok, not cake hahaha My dad was like "I THOUGHT IT IS CAKE" -_-

sorry for the shitty ass quality. I'm too used to carrying my phone around. SOON there'll be better quality pictures :)

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cynthia said...

WALAO that's damn cute wey! OK LAH i now have founded belief in your abilities hahahaha *hint hint*