Thursday, August 04, 2011

For obvious reasons

To be very honest with you, I have been doing NOTHING with my life. Not cooking, not baking but I've been eating. A lot. I abandoned my gym routines for a few weeks and haven't been working out much nor exercising (apparently workout and exercise is different, wtf?)

Feels good today to be able to hit the gym, lifting some iron and gulping down my dessert shake (filled with protein muahaha) not forgetting taking double the usual time to drive there, thanks rain.

And then I thought to myself, maybe it's time to rethink all of this routines, I MAY be pushing myself a little too hard that once I slack, I slack big time. Good thing about having breaks is that, you rethink, reschedule and just get things back on track better.

Then I'm going to invest in a couple of Moleskin and start jotting down my daily live. I miss the times having a "diary" kept under my panties or some secluded drawers away from anyone, where I write the stupidest things ever. Having an online journal may be fun, you can post videos you can post pictures, but I think having a journal with real pictures would be even better. I can save the trouble of having to turn on my computer or to upload edit blablabla.

Sometimes I wished things are not so advanced. I miss spending time with my parents going to SS2 to rent laser discs from this shop located near Mcdonald's on the first floor. I miss watching my TVB dramas from the VCR, and learn to spin the film from the casette when there's something wrong with the pictures. I miss playing strategy war games with the humongous computer screen, as big as a carton. See? I can't even remember the name, all I could remember was it's square and big, now all we have is LCD or flat screen or 3D.

If only there are better things in life for me to focus on now, I feel so aimless, and lost. I am not sure what all these will bring, but if that is what the wonders of life is, at least drop me some hints? Be it a twitch on the eyebrow that if something good or bad is gonna happen or maybe a short dejavu to tell me at least I'm on track (yes I'm superstitious like that), just something!!!!

I'm gonna post it here so I will DO IT. I'm going to fast tomorrow ok!? For all my Muslim friends and readers, just for this once, cause I'm Embun on fridays ma =p


La Petite Cherie said...

I miss watching my TVB dramas from the VCR, and learn to spin the film from the casette when there's something wrong with the pictures.

Lol!! Happy fasting Embun!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

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mustardqueen said...

la petite cherie: hahahahahahah what so funny la!!!!! I am old school ok!!! Casettes playing in the car is cool shitzzz :P