Saturday, August 06, 2011

Say hi to Lapin

Lapin, also known as Rabbit in French, is my new toy bunny!! :D

Le bestie (see we so frenchie wtf) bought it for me from Korea, well she bought it for herself but cause I insisted I want it so she gave it to me *melt*.

pulling a Nick Carter wtf HAHAHA :D

I think if you google Le Sucre you'll find more lovely outfits! Like Fifi Lapin!! :D I remember seeing it in Seoul, they were selling it on the streets and I regret max not buying T_T BUT NOW I CAN HAS BUNNY :D And Lapin are besties with Tappo! :D


Photobomb wtf



miemiemie said...

this may sound weird but i love your nail polish in the first photo haha

mustardqueen said...

miemiemie: HAHAHA I LOVE IT TOOOO!!!! But i can't recall the name, it's from the spring summer collection though, the manicurist just say "NEW COLOUR NEW COLOUR: hahahah so just ask for the "NEW COLOUR" and get the name and run =P