Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'll go back to RED~~~

Major dilemmmaaaaaaa I was looking back at my old pictures and I really REALLY miss my red hair =(((((((((

The last time I dyed it red was when I was in Korea for holidays and I missed it so much after looking at the pictures again!!!! =(


It was SO BRIGHT RED and I love it cause I'm so AA (attract attention wtf) and it looks so silky smooth when it's red!

SHOULD I!?????


Katie ♥ said...

AGREE! Re-dye red you look hot babe!

I'm gonna redye mine red again tmr, cant stand it being such a shitty brown wtf.

Kimmy said...

Do it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Do it if it makes you happy and hot.

Rachelle said...

Red looks gorgeous on you! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah you should. Since you are not working right now best time to do all the crazy stuff :) When you are working then maybe depends on industry red hair might not be suitable. so go ahead! u looked good with red hair.

Xen Lee ♥ said...

What question is this?! You are one of the few who can rock this colour and you look amazing with red hair!! I was actually surprised you didnt keep it for longer.

I wouldnt be bothered too much about "proper haircolour" in certain industries because I have pretty light hair, okay given I am in fashion/retail its acceptable but I also have friends who have super light hair + curled daily and they work in a BANK. Then again, if the company you are interviewing at doesnt allow for bright hair, GET OUT! It would probably be too boring for you in the long run anyway LOL