Thursday, August 25, 2011

*insert title*

They say give it time, everything will fall in line.

ps: I'm sorry about the so called half hearted posts as of late but really, my life will bore you if I were to write everything down. Same old, but fatter and heavier. that's all.


Anonymous said...

chin up, dear !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mustardy Mustard,

Let me teach you how to lose weight.
I used to be so obsessed with every single thing from the food to the exercise, you get the drill lah!

But once i stopped worrying and thinking too much about it, in fact i probably think about maybe twice in a week now instead of every single day every hour, the weight started to fall off without me realising and i think i am more at peace with myself.

Its time to be more organic and less technical about the whole process.

You get what i mean?!

All the best and look at life differently! There are many things in life that we can celebrate about, like having your family, etc etc

mustardqueen said...

anon1: hahahaa CHINS UP! :P

anon2: I totally understand what u mean, I'm completely comfortable with what I am and where I'm at now, and that I'm taking things slowly! Just that as of late some stress + binge eating and my parents giving me pressure to lose weight URGH I just wanna ask them stfu and leave me alone, as long as I'm happy I'm fine whether I'm skinny or fat. -_- I do appreciate other things I have in life (kindly refer to previous post hahahaha) and yea thank u so much for the comment :)