Friday, August 26, 2011

Something personal


As cliche as it sounds, some day I'd like to get myself a star, heart and triangle tattoo. Just a matter of time, not now. Not yet. Triangle is due to personal reasons which I believe I've explained before, something significant to myself. As of sparrows, it's cause I love how they look (read: miumiu ss10 collection?) and they look so pretty, I'd love to have outlines instead of fully coloured though. Not sure what my parents are gonna say about it but I think the first one would definitely be somewhere hidden. I'd also like to have one on my arm, inner arm, ankle, ribcage, sternum and maybe nape. But as much as I love those really colourful looking alice-in-the-wonderland kinda body art, it's not really my thing, I think it looks pretty in black ink itself! :D

If you were allowed to get a tattoo or you would want to get one, what would it be, where would you put it and why? SHARE!


miemiemie said...

i'd love a heart myself! i want one on my nape..hahaha or behind my ear :) the sparrows look cute too! but i bet my guy wouldn't like it..he hates tattoos

bs said...

i have one on my back, it's just the word 'ROCK'... there's no specific meaning to it i guess i just really wanted to get it so badly and was really into the spirit of rock.. like just fuck everything let's just keep rocking baby! lol not sure if i make sense here wtf. i don't regret getting it even though i've to hide it from my parents but it's not that hard to hide anyway... YET i still have this innate fear that they'll find out cos I've had so many dreams where it's exposed with my family around WTF and i'd go omg i've to hide it wtf.

i think it's partly that fear that've kept me from getting my second one :( for the longest time i've wanted to get comedy/tragedy masks on my left shoulder... signifying the cycle of ups and downs in life.. and just cos you're smiling upfront doesn't mean you're not crying behind the scenes..
i also haven't exactly pinned down the design i want to go with the masks so that's another reason why i haven't gotten it i guess.

haha sorry for the rambling! if my parents wouldn't butcher me for getting tattoos, i'd be thinking of getting new ones all the time lol.. it can be addictive!

L said...

i wanted to get a nautical star becoz sailors used to have them back in the days as a reminder to themselves that they will find their way home. ankles or the back would be the best.

btw, this has nothing to do with tattoos but i just came back from the gym and it feels great! thanks for motivating a bunch of us to lose weight and you can do it too! u look great in recent pictures fyi :)

don't give up!