Monday, August 29, 2011



So why be so blue on a Monday unless you want 1/7th of your life to be blue and miserable.


Recently (like very recent, last Friday) I've started attending Yoga! YES you heard me, I'm quite tired of running around, cardio everyday, lifting weights and it is quite awkward for me to walk to the machines and lift at 20kg plates. Everytime I try to adjust the plates to my choice I got a shock at the previous users' weight 40-50s kg range wtf -_- And where are the girls when I need them to lift weights with me!?

Went for hot yoga and omg I was sweating like a pig!!!! I know it's not good to sweat too much cause you lose out body fluids and just drink lots of water after to replenish! And one whole hour of pure stretching and balancing and breathing got me leaving the studio feeling more refreshed than ever. And on a brighter note, I can feel my biceps and triceps so tight and sore just after 2 sessions, for real. I mean it's not easy to support a 70kg body doing downward dog and planks and upward dog positions. I think that beats the 25kg plates I've been doing on my low rows HAHA!!! And it's only my first week so don't be too harsh on me, I don't understand all the tamil/hindu words they were saying for the poses like Deepak Chopra chapati thosai Chakra wtf Sorry do not comprehend.

NEEEE so cute. UPWARD DOG POSITION hahahahahaha

Hopefully in few months time I'll be able to twist myself into a pretzel :P


Rachel said...

HAHA I did yoga before too it was funny. When the teacher asked me to practice breathing I almost fell asleep.

Anonymous said...

my fav pose in yoga class - child pose LOL