Sunday, October 23, 2011

Masterchef Journey: The Onion Conflict

UPDATE: You can view the episodes here. :) Just register for an account and you're good to go! :D Also show some support!! Like the Masterchef Malaysia facebook fanpage here. :D

WHADDUP PEOPLE!? Was really tired last night to do a review on the episode cause I was back late from watching the premiere of Masterchef Malaysia with a bunch of great people. :) Anyway here's the video/review thing I promised. This is actually more for myself to vent out my feelings that they didn't show/edited away so you know, I like to let things go so I need to let it out. :D Actually this is my way of getting more airtime because I am famewhore hahaha. :P

ps: pardon my toad like voice, just recovered from a bad cold from Korea and I do sound like that when I'm on videos -_-

Some screen shots :P (yes all me cause I'm self centred like that).

When Chef Yahaya was chopping the onion halve real quickly my face was like...

hahahahha SORRY I WAS STRESS OKAY!? He was chopping it so quickly and his eyes were on the contestants (there's a way of doing it la but no I haven't mastered it yet)

What do you expect me to show a really happy face when he's showing some flashlight chopping skills? HA!!!

And this really funny scene of Imelda and Wee Giap fighting for a sack of onions to chop hahahaahahahhahahaha (top right corner)

And said moment when I screamed my lungs off without thanking the judges *shifty eyes*
Sorry no face, I was practicing my running skills to be Flash this Halloween.

see what I mean when I say not a lot of airtime LOL!

And confession, I didn't chop onions for a really REALLY REALLY long time after. I think it's the quota for a couple of months, and my fingers smelled of onions for the rest of the week -_-

To those of you who didn't watch the video, well, basically, what you see is not what you really saw because, the intensity in the bootcamp was just, as bad as a 100% humidity, you cannot breath or more like I stopped breathing while chopping onions, too stress la dey. All of them were tearing including me, and the knives were really really sharp that just running through the blades will cut your skin and bleed. It was a total silence, no one talked, no one said a word but continued chopping onions. One after another one after another till judges tap their shoulders to stand back.

My grandma gave this rather insensitive comment like, you all only chop onions ma. Hello grandma, if you know how big that bowl is you will cry T____T It's I think approx 8 inch diameter, and it's 9inches tall -_- MOTHER OF ALL BOWLS, I think I now know why they posted the Penulis Novel Mangkuk comment. That bowl is seriously... urgh if I see it again I'll break it! HAHA

And come on!!! It's only the first episode, there's MORE to come!!! :D


Kim L. said...

you lied!!! haha I bet you were having fun going through all those comments.

Top 40 is pretty damn fantastic!! Do you have any idea how I can watch those episodes online? Can't seem to find them anywhere online.

mustardqueen said...


just register with your email then can watch already. :) Not gonna lie anymore hahaha being in the top 40 was already out of my expectation!! Who would have thought eh? haha

Anonymous said...

they say if you don't want to be teary while chopping onions, cut of the head part first ....