Monday, November 28, 2011


1. Jimmy Choo Glitter iPad case. Wowza. No, I don't have an iPad nor do I have the money to buy it, it's just so... SHINY.

2. Sparkly nails. It feels like snake skin. A tad sharp cause I don't have a proper buffer to buff the edges, but it's shiny as hell and I love shiny things. Nuff said. Pardon the yellow nails, instagram don't exactly make nails look very well groomed.

3. I fell in love with this pair of Zara heels the moment I set my feet into it. Hurts like a motherfucker (cos the largest size they have is a 40 and I'm about a 40.5 -_-) but so gorgeous. It sparkles when I walk!!!! Lighting in Zara makes it ever prettier than ever. I feel like a grungy Asian Cinderella.

By the way, Bootcamp officially starts tomorrow at 0700 hours. I'm EXCITED, this body is going down. And I might be crazy enough to hit the gym at night for some weights. hehe >=)

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