Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pursuit of Perfection

I had this very interesting topic that I sorta had an argument/discussion.


The word perfect, always seem so... Intimidating no? Just like prefect, I always get so confused with these two words cause the spelling is just the location of the alphabe 'e'. And yes I was afraid of prefects back when I was young and stupid, no doubt, whenever they're here to check your fingernails (seriously come to think of it that is ridiculous haha)

I can't recall exactly when trigger this whole "perfection" discussion, but it was something about doing something perfectly. I replied with a "nothing is perfect", and she said "there is!! or at least I'll make it perfect".

From what I know is, no matter how "perfect" a plan is, or anything, there will be flaws that people WILL find fault it. No matter what. Megan Fox is so hot she's the perfect woman with perfect face, but then some will find fault that oh she has plastic surgery, or that her tattoos are awful blablabla, not so perfect after all?

And then came Tumblr (of which I side), where there's always ways to make things better. To make you feel less like a douche that not everyone is perfect. Everyone has flaws, perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder, seeing the imperfect person perfectly.

But to me, perfection is something unattainable, because we are only human, there is always room for improvements. Example, you bought the "perfect" dress, you're wearing it to your prom/first date/wedding/special occasion. Is there a way to improve it? YES, because we are human and we are NEVER satisfied with what we have. Oh here you may use a little hemming, or you can have a little extra something to add to your dress, or your makeup, your hair, accessories. There are SO many elements that you can put a fault on. Because we often find things to be inadequate. There is always something that you can make it BETTER.

And hence yes, I do feel that perfection is something that is relative to one's blindness of flaws. The word "imperfect" is spelled I-M-perfect, they say no one is perfect and therefore, everyone is the same, it's the society that puts too much emphasis on being the best, the perfect one, the creme of the crop? All for?? Pride? Glamour? Dreams?

Here comes the ultimate discussion, your say, is there such thing as perfection?

I've already stated mine, there is no perfection, only progress.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your stand! I do not believe
In perfection. There's only this much a person can say or perform. And it's human nature that we only want the best for ourselves. There's no perfection, no matter how much one tries to attain that said level.

Just strive hard or not, harder and be the best of what we can be:)

revel in me said...

Ehehe, HI!!! The argument was with MEEE!! *waves*

Mmm, when I said to do it to perfection, I meant to do it to the best of my efforts. If I have given it my all, then that's perfection in my eyes, because there's nothing else I could have done better; I have done my best. :)