Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mud Slide

Post bootcamp session picture. Can't believe I still have the energy and mood to SMILE for a picture. -_- I'm happy with my biceps progress, it's now quite hard without having to flex, but I want that nice silhouette when I don't flex, you get what I mean? Oh well guess gotta push harder, lift heavier and just push my limits. :) Had fun today as we were playing Santa pushing a "sleigh" with sandbags on! You thought it looks easy but god my glutes were hurting like crazy after. D: My legs are now in complete failure, my knees are burning and I'm having spots all over -_- You're not working hard enough if you're not panting!!! And if you look like shit after, you're doing it right!!! You know what's the best feeling??? Coming out of the studio all sweaty and face flushed, and pop myself into the shower. Ahhh bliss.

just some boring old gym/workout talk. I've been doing so many squats and lunges lately I think my knees are dying soon =/ But but but I can now do continuous single switch lunges during Attack and I'm proud!! I used to do a few and stop and curse like a motherfucker but now I can do a full set not caring the crazy burn in my thigh! :D See!? That's progress :)

I often think i'm pushing myself too hard that I wakeup at 5.30am for bootcamp (suppose to be 6 but my body just wakes me up at 5.30 -_-) and another crazy session at the gym at night. But I never walk out of the gym feeling awful, instead I thank my determination for going for it. I hate the feeling of not working out and regret after. So when I say I'll go, I WILL go.

Now excuse me while I let my exhausted body rest.

And everytime I see progress?? I love myself even more. :D

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