Monday, March 05, 2012


I am not sure what it is or what I ate or what but I was at Markets yesterday and there's this bunch of super cool people next to us (and Henry Golding was there too sighhhhhh) and they were all smoking and it aggravated my not so healthy throat (just recovered form a bad sore throat like a week ago) and I lost my voice completely. COMPLETELY!

I hate it when I cannot talk nor people just make fun of me and go "HUH? HUH I cannot hear you" FML.

I don't like it that I cannot laugh I can only go hah hah and only air comes out T______T

And right now my face is swelling up, red and puffy with red dots ALL OVER (just like how badly it was during my MCM days, I had these really bad rash thing that resembles mini pimples all over my face, and it just keeps popping out at the rate of 5 bumps per minute =/ Popped some antihistamines and hopefully it's gonna work its magic. =(

I'm feeling so ugly right now and I cannot talk and even if I cry no one can hear me cause I have no voice WUUUUWUUUUUUWUUUUUU

I'm suspecting bacon caused my throat infection, cause I have been having bacon for consecutive 3-4 days, and... it's like oily and heaty and fatty. And T_____T I think I'm allergic to either bubble tea or ciabatta or honey T__T

food log for the past 24 hours

honey water. Have no honey at home so I have Manuka honey instead (damn atas right. But I had one cup honey water before Markets and when I went back home I have some small dots. This morning I had another big cup of honey water, in the afternoon apparently there were plenty of bumps on my face =( and I had honey milk tea yesterday AND today. =/ and the milk tea ain't helping I'm like having some tummy ache problems (lactore Y U NO DIGEST!?)

Ciabatta= friend brought me lunch during markets, it's just ciabatta, with tuna, lettuce and tomatoes! I had the leftovers for lunch and added mustard =/ Like hello? I've been having canned tuna for the past year or so, no allergies? D: Mustard?

Lamb burger: had lamb burger with grilled zucchini+eggplant+cheddar with a garden of salad. Not garden salad but the amount of salad I had was like a garden wtf.

malt+peanut butter shake: best. shit. ever. I don't care if I'm allergic to this shit but nothing comes between me and peanut butter. I shall make my own one *determined*

murtabak ayam: I mean, it's just crispy roti with eggs, chicken and onion? HOW CAN I BE ALLERGIC!?

So... I think it's honey T________T Not normal honey (cause I used to have normal honey with my cereal/breakfast etc) and nothing happened. But Manuka honey T_____T I have big dollops of it with water and this happens =/

I want to cryyyy T______T

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