Thursday, March 01, 2012

What I'm up to

If you don't follow me on twitter you prolly won't know that I'm planning to go down to Melbourne for a trip, you know just because I missed it so much. So to start saving on my expenses, I'm gonna do something like what is depicted above but slightly different. Instead I'll save up like any amount (depending on generosity and financial position wtf) ranging from at least 5 to no limits (prolly 50 max la where got people have like 1000 bucks cash at hand unless you just robbed a bank). And generosity depends on intensity of workout. Say, if today I killed my shoulders, I'll put in say 20 bucks. Or if I feel like I progressed, I put in another 10 bucks. It's no harm really, just means that I'll have better meals in Melbourne when I'm there rather than munching on Safeway roast chicken everyday (but the roast chicken is actually, very, very good.). Best yet, this is actually for shopping as well!!!! So I gotta work EXTRA HARD to save up extra cash for my trip. :)


Now I'm gonna go make some pancakes. I fasted 23 hours (with water of course) on Monday but it felt great. Gonna do it again SOON! Probably making it a 2-3 per week thing :P


Anonymous said...

23 hours fasting? Err you better call that starving. No offense here but I think thats not good for you. 12 hours will do maybe. And take enough nutrition.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anon.

You used to have such great diets. I mean back last year, you had great meal plans etc.

R u being too hard on yourself?

Take it easy. Be happy and everything will fall into place with a bit of hard work and luck.

Anonymous said...

For someone who's on diet so much im suprised u didnt know that if u fast for 12 hours or more,ur metabolism decreases as much as 40%!

mustardqueen said...

anon1: read up on intermittent fasting. It's hard to explain it on words but I break my fast with cereal with yogurt just to get back my metabolism running. Besides it's good to mix up your calorie intake once in a while I'm not doing this for long term. And YES I do take enough nutrition, don't you worry about that ;)

anon2: well I'm just trying things out. I'm not starving myself like those suffering from anorexic, I break my fast and I eat as per normal the day after or during rest days after my intense workouts. My meals consists of lean proteins (tuna chicken breast protein shake beans etc). And my body is getting used to all this so called "great meal plans" that I'm not seeing results anymore. I'm not being hard on myself and I am NOT having an eating disorder I can assure you. I know what my body needs and I don't think Mr. Luck will help in that, but a little bit of hard work sure does. :)

anon3: Maybe I'm giving ppl the impression that I'm always on a "diet" but I'd call this healthy eating thing a lifestyle change. Just that this intermittent fasting thing is a short term thing. I'm still figuring out which ways work best for me. And really, all these researches say that your metabolism decrease so and so you eat 8-10 meals a day so rev up your metabolism, every single body is different, and you need to listen to what your body needs and feed accordingly.