Monday, March 05, 2012


WHOOAAAAAAWWWWW Remember I wrote about my intermittent fast entry and all I get was negative feedbacks.

I can assure you, a 100% that I do not have an eating disorder and I do drink plenty of water/liquids throughout the day during my fast (it's different from the bulan puasa kinda fasting) and it'll still keep your metabolism running. And after that I'll break my fast with something light, like cereal and yogurt or oats and fruits. And I have my proper meal which consists of 1 can of tuna, few chicken fillets (those mini fillet attach to the breast?), avocado/broccoli (favourite ever!) and maybe fruits.

I'm doing this because I know I have this MONSTROUS appetite that once I start eating I cannot stop eating. So I load up my nutritions in one or two meals a day instead of eating 3-5 times a day. I notice whenever I have lunch I finish my meal and still feel hungry and I cannot bear myself to order more food cause I'm shy T__T And then I'll feel hungry after like 1 hour and there's nothing to eat and I feel sad wtf.

Let's just say each individual have different needs and I'm still in the stage of figuring out what this body needs, like... You may need 3-5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism running but maybe I don't need it. I know this calls for self control when it comes to eating but who am I to kid, when I see chocolate I wanna eat it. But did I? No I didn't. But I crave for it like mad. I know you do too. And life is unfair in its own ways that some people are just born fit and thin and beautiful but there won't be rainbows if there weren't rain for the less fortunate ones.

Listen to what your body needs. I know what I feed myself so rest assured I am not having an eating disorder. Eating disorder is when you eat a cracker and down 2 litres of water to keep yourself full and that's your meal of the day. I fast for "23 hours" with a window of 8-9 hours of sleeping so basically I fasted while I'm conscious for about 10-12 hours (with a window of 3-5 hours of not eating before I sleep).

And one thing is that I think I'm giving you all an impression that I'm always on diet. Diet, this word gives people the impression that it's a short term thing to lose some weight and then you stop. But I'm actually doing a lifestyle change here that I eat healthier, I eat cleaner and I still do indulge a little. I'm not that hard on myself after all. And if I do slip up like having a peanut butter milkshake that's probably 1000 calories together with a lamb burger that's about another 1000 calories, who cares? You wake up the next day, like a new born, start your day with some awesome greek yogurt and a banana and you go on.

But really, thank you all for the concerns. :) I know what I need. =)


Anonymous said...

i think it takes a lot of courage to actually talk about personal dieting process to other and not afraid of being judged as it might ruin your dieting pace :)

hope all goes well with you!


mustardqueen said...

anonH: Thank you. It's not really that hard to talk about my own experience in weight loss/diets etc, it's the after math that comes with it. What people say, they think you're doing it wrong etc, what I feel is that we're all different, some things don't work for me, so I don't do it, I do it my way, and as long as I'm happy with it, I see results, I'm all good. :)