Friday, May 11, 2012

I workout.

I just started the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Today is Day 3. The past 2 days were tough.

When I started the video, I thought to myself, that's pretty easy, I can go through 45 minutes of strength training in the weights room and 1 hour of crazy combat after and walk out of the gym #likeaboss. This won't be THAT hard yea?

Little did I know that the dumbbells I was suppose to borrow from my brother (YES my younger brother has dumbbells, he works out too! And he's skinny, damn you good genes) were 6kgs, each. I don't even.

20 minutes of hardcore. 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs. I DO feel a difference because on Day 1, I can only do pushups on my knees. On Day 2, I managed to do the first circuit of pushups on my toes #proud. All my life I've wanted to do pushups on my toes and I managed. The most reps that I could manage is 15 reps *tears of joy*. At least I am making progress. 

I feel like I'm bulking a little (no thanks to daily french toasts *shifty eyes*) but I'm eating cleaner after I start the shred. 30 days is all it takes. I mean it's only 20 minutes a day and there are 1440 minutes in a DAY! Can you imagine how much time you're spending doing NOTHING? And just push through that crazy 20 minutes and you're done for the day. Of course, I'm still combining it with my usual routine, weights and cardio. :)

Hmm, a lot of you have been asking me what I do at the gym and I'm gonna list down. It depends on my mood though, but I do plan ahead before I head to the gym. For example, I go to Combat classes on Mondays and Thursdays, I'll plan like 30-45 minutes before to do weights. I do a combination of compound and isolated movements this means some I use machines (isolated) and some I do free weights (compound). Dumbbells weights are recorded on each dumbbell whereas barbell is total weight.

Legs day (current weights I'm training with)

Leg extensions (quads): 3 sets, 50kg x 10 reps (fucking hell this burns like mad)
Barbell Squats (compound): 2 sets 30kg x 15 reps, 1 set 40kg x 10 reps (hence the mad knee T_T)
Leg curls (hammies): 2 sets 40kg x 12 reps, 1 set 45kg x 10reps
Dumbbell lunges: 3 sets 10kg dumbbell x 10reps

I have about 30 seconds to 1 minute rest in between sets. So it'll total up to bout 30-40 minutes depending.

hhahahahahahahahaha my exact sentiments.

I wanna try doing lunges with legs on the bench though, it looks so tough!!!

Arms/Shoulders day:

Dumbbell chest press:  3 sets 7.5kg x 10 reps
Shoulder press: 3 sets 7.5kg x 10 reps
Barbell Deadrow: 3 sets 20kg x 10 reps
Barbell wide-grip rows: 3 sets 20kg x 10 reps
Upright row: 3 sets 20kg x 10 reps
Dumbbell bicep curl: 3 sets 7.5kgs x 10 reps
Tricep extensions: 3 sets 10kg plate or 15kg barbell x 10 reps
tricep press: 3 sets 15kg barbell x 10 reps
Dumbbell flyes: 2 sets 2.5kg x 10-15 reps 1 set 5kg x 10 reps
Deadlifts: 20kg 5 reps

I do this in circuit style, meaning I do 1 set of each workout and then repeat 3 times.

And sometimes I do a combination of legs and arms/shoulders (not all the workout la not that mad). Depending on my mood.

Still wanna discover other moves for free weights though. I wanna try deadlifts cause I heard that they give you sick lower back muscles.

abs (circuit style):
crunches: 15 reps
bicycle crunch: 15 reps (means 30 in total)
leg lifts: 15 reps
bosu ball row (arms in plank position, legs on bosu ball then you row in and out): 5 reps (cause I cannot for the life of hello kitty balance on the bosu ball -_-) 

I go to Bodypump approximately twice a week (barbell weights are total weights I carry):
warmup: 10kg barbell
squat: 25kg barbell
chest: 12kg barbell
triceps: 10kg barbell/5kg plates for extensions/2.5kg plates for kickbacks
biceps: 10kg barbell (I cannot do all the movements though, my forearm hurts =/ )
lunges: 15kg barbell
back: 17kg barbell
shoulder: 10kg barbell, 2.5kg plates each side.

I've progressed from 5 kg squats to now 25kg. Wow.

That's about it, like what I do at the gym. But one of the best decisions is actually me conquering my fear stepping into the weights room. I love the feeling that people give you stares like wtf is she doing at the squats rack and then I squat at a heavier weight than them. HA!! Now to perfect my form and then up em weights. :D

It's a big dilemma really. Like I don't see like OMGWTF GREAT results, but I believe that all this efforts I put in, it'll be worth it one day. I feel empowered whenever I lift weights! I hate the calluses I get though, and my skin is peeling from the stupid shitty grips the barbells has. I feel tighter each day, I know that I am bulking right now (cause of the insane sugar intake lately, and alcohol urghhhh) I need to get in control with my diet, CUT CUT CUT!! I need to go into cutting season again!!! D: I just feel that it's such a waste to not be able to see what's my limit until I push myself to the max. I mean what is there to lose apart from fats yea?? haha. And this amazing quote I got from Fight Club (the movie) "It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything." Not sure how it can be applied here but it's just... WHOA so empowering haha. 

Oh yea I'm doing this cause I wanna look good in a bikini. WITH ABSSSSS. urgh. so tough. T_T I think I'm going to pierce my belly just to motivate myself to control my diet (less sugar!) so I can flaunt my piercing!!!

Ok there you go, my workout routine. I am no professional so feel free to experiment around with different movements!! I go to to look at the videos to see the proper form/ positions/ workouts and see which one I'd like to try. I am NOT trying to be some bodybuilder but I'm trying to lift weights to build more muscles and this means burning more fats!! :D More like a fat loss program yo. Start light first and get the proper form. And then increase the weights as you progress, because you will only grow stronger. :)

Trust me, the day you start lifting a dumbbell or a barbell, you won't stop lifting it. It's as if every shoulder press you're lifting away pain and stress. Feel the sore shoulders and arms and legs after, ooh it's addictive I'm telling ya.


Anonymous said...

buy gloves for weights training to protect your hand, coz i heard once you have them its difficult to get rid of them. i just got one.

i had meant to drop you a note earlier.

i am one of those who got inspired by you earlier. been telling myself that i need and want to lose weight, saw your posts, got inspired, but still sat and just thought about losing weight for a few months before i took any real action by training with a trainer. before I was just doing morning walks a couple of times a week - not even enough to lose a single pound.

I am much older with kids, gained more than 40 lbs by letting myself go. i started exercising seriously 3 months ago and i have lost 11 to 12 lbs, 10 more to go to be at a still-heavy-but-i-can-live-with-it weight, and another 10 lbs i would be extremely happy.

my weight loss maybe slow to some, but hey, i am not on any diet at all. i only cut down unhealthy food like char koay teow from 3 times a week to once a week.

my progress had been slowed down these 2 weeks due to other commitments and i have lost the initial determination a bit ... but i am telling myself to just relax a bit then imma going to focus ! at least to drop another 10 lbs.

my first 10lbs lost, credit to you, my trainer and of course myself for working out so hard !

Anonymous said...

Sighz, i wore a crop pants, sports bra to the gym the other day, two men came up to me to ask me not to wear so sexy because they cant workout. Damn it, i was offended!
hate horny men at the gym.

mustardqueen said...

anon1: *tears of joy* I'm so proud of you!!! and you're a mom and I cannot imagine how you can find the time to workout and juggle time with kids and work and family etc!!! Big fat hug to you!! :) I did buy training gloves and I'm starting to wear them while weight training!! :D

I think the best part about it is the initiative to cut down on the unhealthy food!! It's not about DEPRIVATION it's about MODERATION. :') So proud of you!! I do have my occasional cake sessions and char kuey teow after drinking sessions, but heyyy, I get back on track!! I lift heavier the next day I hit the gym!! :D Your first 10lbs loss is no credits for me, but yourself. :)

And it's not so much about losing weight just to be happy, but also self acceptance. If you're happy at where you're at, just stay!! Why complicate things right?? :) AHHH So happy for you!!! :D:D:D:D

anon2: well at least you can afford to wear sports bra to the gym!! That's my goal!! Or you can just tell em horny men at the gym to concentrate on their workout instead! This shows that they're not serious about their workout!!!

Rachelle said...

Omg, I started the 30 Day Shred too.. and it is killer T.T Level 1 has me panting and cursing under my breath already. Haha hopefully we'll see results soon :) ALL THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

I have heard so much about the 30 day shred but I yet have the courage to try it. 30 days of tough work man!! I believe you will be a total different person after the whole thing, mentally and physically! It's really not easy. Looking forward to your progress! Don't give up! ^^

Anonymous said...

omg *O*
your workout is so intense
all i do is jogging n hiking D:
the 30 days shred sound interesting though but im those person who cant multi-task
working out while watching the video

mustardqueen said...

Rachelle: I pant a lot and SWEATTT buckets but I don't feel sore?? prolly cause I go to the gym regularly so there's not much to sore about wtf! WHEEE I'm onto day 6 and i cannot wait to go to a new episode cause I'm super sick of the level 1 video already haahahah

anon: 30 days is a really short period if it promises you good results! :P So go hard or GO HOME!!! =D hopefully I WILL be a fitter and stronger version of myself post 30 day shred, but I'm sure mentally I'd be a different person as well hahahaha THANK U!!

anon: I do a combination of different things cause I get bored really easily. Running is so not my thing I just cannot imagine myself walking on a treadmill or through a park! I prefer intense workouts for short periods hhehehe :P I sorta got used to the moves so I just listen to the sound of the video to keep me going!! =P you should just try it!!!! :D