Thursday, May 31, 2012

I attract cheap things.

I cannot stress enough how I always, I mean *ALWAYS* attract cheap shit that looks quite expensive but it's actually very cheap. Just like how I scored a 100% viscose tee for RM25, I can live in it forever and it's slouchy and comfy, I can wear it with anything. 

But this time, I'm not the only one who attract cheap things because they are coming to you!!!!! 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! This 2nd June 2012, Saturday, LaSenza is having 40% discount STOREWIDE, NATIONWIDE for EVERYONE (panty sniffer included wtf). So... Everything is going at 40% off. The Body Kiss bras are at Rm129 a pop, but on Saturday, you'll be paying only RM 77.4. That's almost half the price!! 

The reason behind this crazy storewide discount thing is because recently in April, La Senza launched a Share & Shop Event in Facebook. The more facebook fan likes the La Senza Malaysia page, the more discount will be given (based on the total fan number) by the end of May. Numbers have been tabulated and La Senza Malaysia has reached 40,000 fanbase. So it’s 40% OFF storewide for all La Senza boutique (except outlet store) on June 2, 2012.

That is NOT it!!!! Because you guys are so supportive, La Senza will be giving a 45% OFF with RM500 purchase and above at 2 location only (La Senza Pavilion, 12-3pm & La Senza 1 Utama, 5-8pm) June 2, 2012 only! With live DJ, sexy games, sweet treats, and FREE giveaway for first 100 customers in each location. SPREAD this GREAT news now! 

I think I'm making my way to Pavilion just because I can!!! =P Or maybe both locations so I can erm... get freebies =P I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! 

Some of the stuff that WILL be going at 40% off. Ooops, what some? I mean everything!!! AHHHH I wanna buy new underwear!!!! :D:D:D Like you know if you wanna have some Sexy time hahahahaa
I want her body. Just 40% of it I'm happy enough!!

Here's more details!! :D

I have actually JUST bought a couple of new bras last week cause they were having some CRAZY QR code promotions. I got bras at 50% off. And they are all so pretty I'm gonna wear it to the Summer Breeze party tomorrow!!! =3 You know, you have to go ALL the way if you wanna be all summery =P. Dang I should have signed up for the membership -_-

Spread the joy, wear pretty lingerie!! :P


Anonymous said...

Woah that sounds like an awesome sale! Too bad I'm not in Malaysia. Anyway referring to the previous post, don't be too upset about your diet and workout routine!! Get your feet up and be your usual positive self! :)

Mohka said...

I agree Anon, also that is a pretty sweet deal! I'll look out for one over here!