Monday, May 28, 2012

Red cars are quite rare I realize, then I wonder which colour you like.

#armswag. I'm sorry I have hairy hands. But no, I don't have to go to jail for that!! I'm just born hairy, like a chimp. At the very least they look quite cute wtf! You loving my arm swag?? Cause I love them too. :D

Random stuff I whip up from the kitchen. Open lamb patty sandwich with grilled zucchini, parmesan and egg. That shit is awesome. If only I had basil with me, I could have made some pesto and omg, add it into the patty, it'd be HEAVENLY. And because canned blueberries are cheaper (and tastier for baking) I followed this recipe my friend's mom passed to me, it was, awesome. Minus the fact that I don't have a modern can opener instead, I had to fiddle around with the one my grandma had since canned condensed milk was invented. It involves 3 steps. Aiming the sharp point at the top of the can, punch it down, and then you slowly turn the can and let the blade glide through. It was quite an experience. Fingers still in tact, no extra finger in the blueberry concoction, I promise.

And because I haven't had a haircut for the past 4 months. My hair grew at the rate of approximately 0.3cm per week and because I'm bored of platinum blonde streaks. I paid Yen another visit. Like seriously, I never walk out disappointed. 

Before shot. My bangs were longer than giraffe's neck and I manage to drive with my bangs down. Winning.

And then along came some colours.

et. Voila.

 I cannot be fucked to take more pictures cause it involves yet another 4 steps. Removing the SD card from my current Nikon, insert into old Nikon, transfer files and remove from old Nikon to new Nikon. Wow that was actually 5 steps. Too much effort. Right now, instagram pictures would suffice. I feel like a unicorn. And when I tie it up, it looks kinda like My Little Pony. I told my gym instructor I'm like a unicorn right now with my new hair colour,  and to motivate me to fight harder, he started calling me unicorn. Dream come true. I think life begins when you're turning into a mythical creature. I do get a lot of weird stares, but really, how can you not love my new hair? How can you resist something so fabulous hahahaha

I don't wanna bore you with more of my workout talks. Same old shit, different day. I had a crazy binge day where I had 7 meals in one day. Breakfast consists of fruits and toast, lunch at awesome duck rice place, then rojak & cendol combo duduk kutu, sharing a teppanyaki set with 2 other fellow binger, followed by Fatty Crab (2 kati of chilli crab for 3 of us, a chicken wing each), this was followed by me frying up half a bag of keropok ikan brought back from Kelantan with Honey Milk Tea and Lok Lok after. 

Do you know that the abalone mushroom when deep fried with chilli powder is crazy awesome?? There must be some 500 calories per mushroom but really, who cares about clogged up arteries when you're enjoying a crispy, spicy fungi on your tongue, rolling around like a pedophile in a playground (sorry, this can be used in so many occasions, it's so wrong, yet so right to describe this situation hahahaha). I also love the kangkung drizzled with the satay sauce. And the bacon. OH THE BACON. Ok I should stop.

 Apart from breakfast, the rest were consumed in... 8 hours. Things you do when you have visitors over, ahhh. Don't you just LOVE IT when you go out binging like an obese kid in a candy shop with the same kind of people?? It's just... merrier. And food taste BETTER. FOODIES UNITE!! Who wants to join??? :P


Lyn said...


Anonymous said...

how many colours do you actually have in there? O_O

Kim L said...

I love your arm swag pics!
I also love your new hair!!!!! SO PURDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

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mustardqueen said...

lyn: thank you thank you!! I hope I can have this forever T___T I wanna feel like a unicorn everyday hahahaahha

anon: just 3 colours. Just that my stylist mix it around and make it as though it's rainbow!! :D:D:D:D

kim: THANK YOU!!!!! dream hair came true hehehehehe =P