Saturday, July 14, 2012


Daddy brought us to D'Sens at Dusit Thanifor a little indulgence. Pictures are always deceiving. It was nice to have a good slice of fish presented really prettily and have rhubarb for the very first time in your life. It was sour. But complimented well with the beer ice-cream. It tasted kind of weird, but a good kind of weird, it's like beer, with cream. Cool. 

And if there is one thing I like about my capsicum soup is that the butter quenelle (Actually quenelle is just food shaped in oval or creamed meat with eggs, so I had either one huge chunk of homemade butter or creamed meat but YUM it was really good)

I don't know why but ever since I started taking cooking more seriously, I just find such joy in being able to tell the difference between say for example, sage and thyme. There are distinct differences in terms of smell and taste. And when I try to point it out people might think I'm such a food snob, but really, there are so many other things that I do not know, and I'm always so eager to know more more more about food. I wouldn't call myself a foodie, I just love food, a little too much. 

I remember A* once asked me "You really like eating yea?" I nodded my head like how a bobbing statue would, with the biggest grin on my face. He just smiled and shied away. And I love how I always bond with people over food. Food brings people together, good food never fails.

Excuse me while I go devour a slice of carrot loaf vanilla french toast for breakfast.

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